Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A sneak appearance

Introducing Phinnaeus the Elephant (melly and me,s Phoebe's cousin) for Sir TP who tells me you are never too old for softies and how right he is. Someone is trying to steal the limelight and sneak into this post. Is it an eskimo? I wonder who it could be?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some finished Projects for April and May

Unfortunately my blog has been a little neglected of late - lots of finishing to report and I have been putting off uploading photos and I can only neglect housework and children for so long so sewing and blogging have to share what is left ( poor DH).

So this is my scrappy flannellette quilt for Miss B started two years ago as a bit of fun when she was a little cold bunny who needed to snuggle (April Finish).

This was a may finish the butterfly doily from Inspired Stitches by Leannes House - I will definitely do more of these and get betterat the sewing up this one looks less wonky in real life.

My first ever knitted project after scarves when 10 years old started last November when a friend wanted to knit up two for her daughter - she hasn't started them yet!!

The Rosie Quinlan Needlecase project from Inspired Stitches again - such a cute little project

Well that is a start I have finished so much thes last two months so I will try to post again next week with some more pictures see you then