Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Yummy Fabric Arrives

Much to my darling hubby's chagrin it has been like a mid year christmas hear at the moment with yummy fabric arriving frequently. Firstly some yummy yardage from Aneela Hoey - Sherbet Pips - this is essential to back the quilt I made back in May. The Green spot came with it and is for binding a future project. Then just because I could - I loved the whimsy and coordinating prints of Doohickey Designs Hoo's in the forest so I got a fat quarter bundle for a few differentt projects hopefully coming up.

How could you not like this deer , owls little cute skunks and frogs and hedgehogs. Skunks just look so cute mmm. But I always had a soft spot for Warner Brothers Pepe Le Pew. I am now in a hurry to save up some money for Inspired Stitches which is next weekend and I am going (a very last minute decision thankyou so much to Sarah of Quilt Fabric Delights for not saying no to me). I had a great time last time - I love the projects Sarah has shown them to us and I need at least two of the finishing packs (lucky I already bought this fabric before I booked or else I would have had to say no to buying them.) The best part of this is I ahve a friend coming with me so I am sure we will have an absolute ball. And hopefully I will get to have a chat with Janell Wind who I feel must surely be a "kindred spirit". Must go the kids are performing in concerts all weekend and I can hear last minute Annie Rehearsals in the Bathroom.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Ruby has come to stay

I have been waiting and watching expectantly and before I ever expected to see it - Ruby arrived at one of my shopping haunts Patchwork Plus. I knew I had to have this and lots of it as I took so long to realise I liked Camille Roskelly's last fabric line Bliss that it was mostly sold out. So I snaffled up a layer cake and a Jelly roll for starters and I am already planning on the yardage (I think I have a bit of a wait!). For now I am just enjoying her company - Ruby is very pretty to look at although not much for conversation. She is even more beautiful in person then her blurry picture might imply.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Progress - Merry and Bright

Getting there yay - i am getting quite bored of this project but the borders are all on and now it just needs quilting and binding (binding is cut out just need batting ). It is wonderful to see it coming together and I am sure all the ballet moms will be pleased to watch me bind it not just embroider it - I think I have been doing the embroidery on this for 2 years now on and off between other sewing projects - urgent sewing projects keep pushing it back on the priorities. Do you have projects like that that get put behind you for more pressing projects.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunkissed Charm Patchwork SKirt

This is my sick chicken sent home from school today but just in time for a try on of the skirt I have made for her summer wardrobe (I know it is only June) The pattern is from the Moda Bakehouse Patchwork Skirt pattern and I have used a Sunkissed Charm pack and some yardage. Cute hey - for interest the pattern is a size 4- 6 but Little Miss B is a very small size 6 (almost a 4) and I probably would make it bigger for a normal 6 year old. Now I just have to stich the Elastic in and it will be done. now for a top to match - I have some ideas - watch this spot

Monday, June 13, 2011

Gwen's New Outfit

Gwen is very pleased to be modelling another warm outfit. I couldnt resist this one when I saw it on Janelle Wind's little Etsy shop - The Stitched BlueBird. Elegant Linen slacks, handknitted Cardi and vintage top- Gwen has kept her new cream turtle neck skivvy underneath for extra warmth as it is sooo chilly. My husband is disowning the whole playing with dolls thing but it is so fun- and I cant wait to meet up with Janelle and thank her next month at Inspired Stitches. Little Miss B has declared she wants a jumper too and I am thinking the holidays might be the time to get out the machine and make some more clothes ( although we had two disasters from on line patterns). My mum thinks it is cute that us girls play and make for our dolls - we have to do stuff together hey.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project Christmas _ Teachers Gift

I have gradually been making 2 of these Journal covers as teachers gifts for Christmas. I have made these using a Jelly Roll I purchased from Spotlight for $5.00 which makes them part of a perfect present on a budget. I have echo quilted the seams which I think looks really nice. Sewing 5 complete strips together gives a panel which makes 2 Journal covers and an extra piece which I used as the inside strips to hold the book in for 1 cover. I was fortunate enough to find some fat quarters of this range also which I used for lining. I just hope they will like them but for now it is into the CHristmas box (what a nice feeling). I think I might try a strippy glasses case or phone cover next - mmm.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cosy Blythe Clothes

Finally Gwen and Angel have some nice warm winter clothes. Little B and I felt so sorry for them the last few weeks in their short sleeves and sundresses so tonight we couldn't wait to re dress them and photograph them (sorry for the poor photo - hope it is the bad light and not a problem with the camera) Now they look ready for action in this very chilly weather so hopefully we can take them out and about to play. The clothes are from Here .

They were very reasonably priced and quite good quality and delivery was very prompt. Angel is wearing a dress and long stripy socks, Gwen has on a skivvy, dress and distressed stripey jeans. The hat is part of Gwen's stock outfit. Little Miss B wants mittens now as Angel has cold hands, I think Gwen needs a little scarf. They both need a home - Angel has a single bedsit and has invited Gwen to sleepover, Gwen currently is bunking on our couch until more permanent lodgings can be found. This is a fun little hobby but a little pricey but we have a few years ahead of us.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pancake comfort

Of late we have been eating far too many of these = Pancakes with dollop cream. MMMm.
We inherited a vast quantity of easy mix pancake mix and are gradually whittling it away. You just whisk it with milk and get the fluffiest lightest pancakes you can imagine mmmm. Mix it with the lovely Bonne Mamman jams and it is divine. So it is good harmony as I am trying to collect these cute little jars while the local foodland stocks this Jam. I have a lot of ideas for how I will use them - I just need some ideas of what to do with the jam. Obviously Jam goes well on things but what are good recipes with jam in them. Off to Google that -


Monday, June 6, 2011

Lego Pillow Craft

After the great success Sir TP had at making his own Pillow - he thought he would like to make something for his little friend Mini-me. Mini-me has been having a Lego party planned for some time for his party so it seemed only natural that he get a Lego pillow snuggly. So into the toybox we dug and came out with some Lego people and Sir TP said lets do a lego head so using some polar fleece to hopefully last a little better than felt we put together this for Mini-me. He hasn't got it yet but I dont think he is old enough to read just yet any way. Sir TP again drew up a pattern and I tweaked it. We went for a simple sew on the outside technique and sewed it in three parts. Sir TP stuffed and shaped it - the final stitch together hadn't been done in this photo but I think it is pretty cool and if it is as popular as the puffle has been I am sure both Sir TP and his Mini-me will be happy.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's On Sunday

A really quiet relaxing day here today Sir TP has a friend over and they are playing Wii and Mariokart -

Bethany is trying her hand at Balloon animals and we have discovered that daddy is an expert at making poodles but not pigs.And I am looking at the sunkissed yardage which arrived in the post on Friday ready to finish off a project yay. Sir Tp has been doing some sewing too - a special gift for a special little friend he has who is about to have a birthday. For lunch today we had a family trip to the Sushi Train. The kids were really curious to see what it was like after I spoke about it the other day. So we sat and watched them cooking all the different foods, we tried some sushi, some spring rolls ate using chopsticks and it was a fun little adventure -quite reasonable cost too as we all shared the different plates in case someone didnt like something - HAve a go sometime it was heaps of fun