Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Costume Mum - Part 1

Okay I am a glutton for punishment but it is that time of the year when we are designing and making costumes for end of year concert - already. This year I decided to do Miss B's Junior 1 Jazz and Primary Ballet costumes. This is her Jazz costume - music is Walking on Sunshine and I was asked for an A-line dress with a summery feel and a flower. I also put a restriction that I want to keep the costume down to under $30 - as these littlies get all of 2 minutes on stage x2 and some mums have older children dancing or small siblings meaning mum is not working, either way we dont need to go over the top. I love this but the maths for the costing has given me a real headache as patterned lycra is soo sooo expensive and I have been very stingy with my purchase to keep the cost down - I just need to work out if I will just make all of them for the class to save money mmm do I have time (probably not) but I am still considering it. Stay tuned for Part 2


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Week - Dress ups

I am no longer going to apologise for my haphazard blogging it is just a July/August thing each year. Although it feels like the cold should encourage this sort of activity the gloominess of winter seems to always slow down my thought processes to an extent that I cannot do any additional thinking. So now that the sun has started shining in short bursts and just so I can feel like I have achieved something on a day that has been a little on the slovenly side here ar Sir TP and Little Miss B in their Book Week dressups - B is recycling her Alice costume from her birthday and TP is wearing dads vintage magic cape, Grans old glasses, Bethanys witches hat, the gum trees branch for a wand and an old school shirt with a hand drawn Hogwarts emblem - I felt pretty proud of my artistic endeavours which are sadly not visible in any photos. But what matters is Sir TP was pleased with my efforts. I am now going to add some extra posts for this week to show off some of the projects that have been distracting me the last 2 months.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back from a Spell

Sorry about the blog break - no good excuse I just find my routine gets a little messed up occasionally and then a month has passed before I have fixed it - have a bit to tell you. But to try and get back into blog shape thought I would post this gorgeous evening we have had. A month ago Miss B and I purchased jammies for our girls. It has been so cold we felt they needed something snuggly. Then I found some hats on sale so we had to have those too. Well the hats came quickly but the jammies only just arrived today!! I had almost given up hope. So here are our girls all in their jammies,sleep socks and hats ready for a sleepover in B's room (Angel has a little bedroom cube, bed and quilt and makes up a bed for Gwen to come and visit if B is particularly good). They are all tucked up and snoring now (although B has her hat off).