Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ready ........

Cheshire Cat Chocolates - tick (excuse the glare) Queen of hearts brooches - tick (made from fimo and gem stones
The White Rabbit - tick (they have been breeding like the proverbial all week)
All stuffed into a party bag of course with some lollies - tick. al lacy and blue for the big day.
We are going into the final stages before I go back to normal non-Alice blogging . Thankyou for your patience

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sorry this line is busy

I am very busy making white rabbits - will post soon


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy B Day

This morning was the actual Day and I can report we managed to sleep all night despite being so excited last night we couldnt lay down. We woke up B at 6:50 to her balloon filled bedroom and birthday kisses and went out to a chair piled up high with presents - this is her favourite though - the walking puppy (it kept barking from under the gift wrap!). I will post some of her other presents as a few came from Etsy and were handmade. Back to my sewing, baking and picking up wrapping paper for now -I have to be back at school tonight early with some cupcakes. Cheers

Twas the Night Before

Twas the night before the actual birthday day (nothing like having a week of celebrations) and all through the house children ate cake mix just like a mouse!! Mandatory cupcake making for school tomorrow - chocolate cupcakes made wearing pyjamas and pinnies oops is that a cake mix box in the picture - you bet but that is for the party SAturday (by then I will be caked out phew!) Cheers

Monday, March 28, 2011

One last decoration finished

Phew I was startin to think I wouldnt get this one done - but behold One White Rabbit to foll ow through the front door. I put B in this shot for a bit of a scale reference. I think they are a good size. I just used particle board (cheaper than cardboard) a handy husband who cut out my drawings. (I am not a very good drawer -if that is a word but I think we got by) I tried to mostly use paints I had which meant the quality varied but I think they look pretty cool. Cheers

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Successful cake

Rainbow cake went down a treat - although some were afraid it would be too sweet and could not be convinced - it is just cake!! Miss B walking on Sunshine - and I have had lots of hugs for having such a nice day. Unfortunately I cant get her too go to bed right now and am having to be tough mummy -sigh. A lovely day and I hope we get some more weather like this for her birthday party next week. I am off to have coffee and sew in front of the tv now -Hubby has done a great job of the tidying up and we both want to relax Cheers

Family Gathering

We are having the family over today to celebrate turning 6. Yay. The floors are vacuumed, the toys packed away a little the sewing machine put away (for the first time in weeks!!) and this morning I have got up early to ice the cake (so maybe we can go to church - we shall see). Little Miss B wanted to help with the decorations and candles.

So tick - the cake is done, potatoes in the oven, boys driving home from fishing trip. All is good

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cheshire Chocolates

I found this on Ebay - just have to find time to make them - a Cheshire cat chocolate Mold (also has ALice) I have the chocolates some coloring and the sticks. We did this last year with Mermaids and they were so popular. I wonder if you can buy time on Ebay?


Thursday, March 24, 2011

I {heart} this

Just posting something sweet I am longing for - this doily stamp found on Etsy. Yummmy, i think it would be great for gift wrap and card and scrap book bases. Any thoughts what you would do if you had one of these. I have a birthday coming up in exactly one month. Maybe a little birdie will drop by and see my wish list. I am busily preparing for family birthday lunch, and the party - I will be trying to blog on the go but forgive me if I dont make it. The boys are running away to go fishing so it is just us girls.. And B gets lonely if I am on the computer for too long.

Shopping for Icing

Today I have been to the cake shop to buy icing and coloring (I am very poor now!!) Here it is all ready to make the big cake for the ALice Party -now I just need some luck as I am being very ambitious!! I hope it goes well - no doubt you will hear about it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Bible

Tonight is mt Lenten Bible Study Group - this is something I am not good at -you can tell by how new my Bible looks. I try to be a better Bible reader - but I am easily distracted. I just wanted to show you my pretty Bible to at least make me compelled to pick it up sometimes. The butterfly of course reminds us of change - something we all do. It is a cold wet day here so I am going to make a cuppa and curl up to do my reading -it is only 4-5 paragraphs so I should be able to do it - and then put it to use mmmm

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lent Update

We have just completed two weeks of Lent. I just want to take a moment to praise the effort of my small family. Sir TP has told his teacher and the Librarian at is school of his sacrifice of Zac Powers books, so they can remind him if he forgets. Little Miss B has not even asked for juice at dinner time instead she is opting for milk. Darling husband has missed one episode of TopGear(the hardship) and I have remained committed and not touched a soft drink (it has been a little difficult at times!). I feel more committed as the children have really taken on this project so stoically and with committment which has truly surprised me. No one has batted an eyelid or whinged and complained which is quite out of character. I am sure if I had previously suggested giving up something because their life depended on it there would have been tantrums. Little people defintely do surprise you.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Having One of those Days

This is going to sound a bit like a joke - I kid you not this story is true.

Firsty let me say I am smiling and happy and Blessed by God that this is my small trial.

This morning I got up at 4 am to kiss Hubby off to Victoria for work at 7 :30 I was mostly ready packing lunches, getting breakfasts and coordinating the kids for school. The phone rings - Hi Honey I have just got in the car and I found your car keys under my sun shade. OOOOoo - Bye we better catch the bus (I am far too careful with money for a weeks worth of Taxi trips to school!) Zoooomm - TP dressed, BP dressed, grab the bags, hustle hustle little legs to the bus stop get half way to school forgotten the bag of must have today project materials. Scoot home, pack into back pack (thought lets take the bike!!) - Tyre flat beyond pumping mmm best walk -1/2 hr each way no probs -pickup milk on the way home.

Not quite how I planned it but it worked - now how to get everyone home tonight and ballet hmmm. Must drink some water and get ready to walk back to school - who needs gym membership


Work in Progress -4-or I think I have a finishing problem.

Ok now I think I am starting to look like I just don't want to finish things - but the problem is like this. I can't take painting projects out of the house, and I like to do handwork while I wait at ballet. But handwork eventually needs machine work so while the machine is out I might as well do something else that needs machining - so I have handwork for when I finish the other handwork. i think you get the idea. Anyway this little is from Natalie Ross' book from last year. I have made two and they are semi secret stitching for Christmas this year. (I have vowed that I will not be stitching the night before Christmas this year). Unfortunately this is the Headless Santa at the moment because I dont understand how to put the head on and I am not sure what the back of this guy is going to look like if I follow the instructions. The book has beautiful pictures but none of the back -drat it. Any way I am just thinking about this one (it is low priority until after the Big Day). Anyway that is the lay of the land for now - I won't promise I won't start anything else right now as B has a lot of ideas about her Party bags!!! And I find it hard to say no. I also expect to be doing a little bit of baking in the next couple of weeks. Bye for Now

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Work in Progress - 3

This revolting looking rag - desperately needs a press. This stitchery has been in my embroidery bag that I take everywhere with me for 2 years. When we went to Queensland I decided that this would be my only source of amusement for the evenings. Finally I can say I have finished the embroidery - yay. Now it just needs borders binding etc. -- mmmm any one want to bet on how long that might take. I hope not too long it would be nice to have it for this Christmas.


Work in Progress -2

In the evening - every night I have been doing a colour on a set of these - they are going to be Croquet hoops at Little Miss B's party and some for decoration. They are now getting to the interesting stage as they are starting to look like characters from Alice in Wonderland. These two are finished, I have another two 2/3 there and a few little signs to start. I hope I get there.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Work in Progress -1

Lots of little bits of work being done on various projects I will be spending the next few posts updating where i am at on these as I feel bad to never show any finished crafts anymore. So a few posts back I started trying to teach my self to crochet. of course I started with a scarf - and it has grown - in fact it is very nearly full grown and then I will try to master a flower to go on the end of it as per the pattern. It is a little nobbly (i don't suppose it is meant to be ) but I think it is rustic and homey looking and I cant wait to where it when we go camping in April. Then I might have to work on a matching hat!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Post for me

In amongst the happy post for B came this. I purchased this in February with some money I earned working extra days as a favor for a friend. it is a family rule sign on recycled wood from Barn Owl Primitives on Etsy. I had been longing for one for ages (it was on my xmas list).and it has come none too soon with rules here being bent by all and sundry. The only problem is my husband says it doesnt have the golden rule on it - Do as you are told!! (Yes we are having problems - and it is exhausting). Perhaps I need a special order just for Sir TP on that one


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lots of happy mail

Now we have been getting lots of fabulous mail in the last few weeks as various purchases make their way home and we prepare for some fun. B wanted me to dress up as the Queen of hearts - I said I would consider a hat - and this is what I found on ebay here
The little chain underneath (which actually has a red teapot on it was the little surprise gift from Anji who made the invites for B -it is too cute) Sorry about the photo one day I will get better at it!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy as a Bee

I am only just sitting down to lunch and I am feeling so bad about the hodge podge of blogging I have done lately. What is keeping me from my blog. Well I am helping out a little more at school this year reading one day and craft another. I have just had a haircut - my first in ages. I am trying to coordinate a Birthday for Little Miss B and Grandfriends Day at the school and fit in work and mum type stuff and craft and Blog. Tiring reading it isn't it. I am also trying to eat a little better when I am on my own hence the wholemeal salad and homous pita above which was yummy after a hard morning making paper plate maracas at school. Today was a red letter day in my mailbox as the invitations I organised for Little Miss B's Birthday arrived from England after a month in the post. I had given up on them and arranged plan B. This picture is the little package I got from Anji from Here
And this is the front cover of the invite which is a very petite little book for the girls telling them how to get to B's party. Anji explains this well on her blog.
Now I could have just followed Anjis blog and made them myself but I cant photoshop - and Anji was so helpful, prompt and even came up with a plan B for me when Australia Post let the team down so It was a delight to have her involved in our party planning despite my fear that I would have no invites to hand out (as they need to go out now!!) The sweet little red bag she sent was an added gift (one of the nice things when dealing with wonderful etsy dealers) and the heart is a little pocket and it had a little gift in it too (I am so glad it wasn't lost in the post. SO please if you are looking for Alice Party bits and pieces visit Anji at Starking. She rocks. And B will be wrapped when she sees this

Monday, March 14, 2011


This year I have introduced a little bit of the old Catholic school girl in me to my Protestant family. I kindly suggested that we give up something for Lent to remind us of Jesus Sacrifice for us. Most of the family embraced this (Darling Husband was begrudging) so whlie Sir TP flipped our pancakes on Tuesday we wwrote this list

Me- Giving up soft drinks (this is truly huge for me!! I am way dependant on the old diet Coke)
Hubby -Giving up Top Gear (this has only been on once since Lent started so A token sacrifice)
Sir TP- Giving up Zac Powers books (a cunning plan by me to encourage him to broaden his scope of interest - evil I know).

Little Miss B - has given up apple juice - her fav drink of choice at tea time and she hasn't even asked for one.

I have been so proud of the children - they embraced this idea and have been good -Hubby well. For the record I have been good to and I am used to drinking a lot of softies.

You might notice a cranky edge to this blog for the next few weeks

Cheers ( Doh that makes me think about drionking which makes me think of ice cold diet coke aahhh!!)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chocolate Log

It did look more attractive before dinner but I forgot to photograph and blog about it until after we enjoyed it for SUnday night dessert. Too keep my New Year Resolution of trying different recipes tonight we had a little blast from the past. I found this recipe on the back of Arnotts Chocolate biscuits. It is too too simple and very yummy -I cant believe I have never made this -I remember having it at so many basket suppers when I was a kid. If you are interested it is a plain chocolate flavoured biscuit , beat 500ml of cream with 1 tspn caster sugar and 1 tspn of vanilla essence till thick. Spread some cream on the plate and then onto a biscuit. Sandwich together with another biscuit and layer on the plate. Leave to set for 6 hrs. The biscuits then go all cakey and creamy -yummo. Darling and I are enjoying the cooking - just wish the kids had taken a resolution on to try new things -maybe they could do that for Lent. What will I give up for Lent this year mmm. I'll let you know Tuesday.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Going Tea Pot-ty

Very hard to photograph but I have made up quite a number of these little tea pot necklaces for the Alice party pags today. The little acrylic faceted tea pots I found on ebay and I have teamed them with a fairly basic white cord and ribbon necklace. I think they look really sweet. Sir Tp has been busy playing with a mate today and Little Miss B has gone to freshen up the flowers in her fairy garden -it is 18 months since we put it in and it needs new flowers and some more fairy friends. She has also done this beautiful picture for the invitations for Grandfriends day at her school.
I think she is just great at her little art projects -only slightly biased .
Cheers for Now

Time to get Cosy

As the days are now seemingly set in an Autumn pattern - I am dreaming of these mug warmers and pot cosy from here. Pots of steaming coffee and cinnamon scrolls mmmmm. And sewing -i must start binding my quilts -it is time.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hyper Exhausting

In between normal stuff, blogging , organising, gym, lunch and so on. The youngsters wanted mum and dad to play. The game of choice was Hyper dash. If you are not familiar with this game, you have 5 coloured cups and a talking baton. You can play individually or as teams the baton tells you by colour, number or activity which cup to strike and you get timed running around striking the cups. See below Now our backyard is on the large side and Sir TP liked having them somewhat more spreadout then the above photo. We have played two big rounds of this today and below are my worn out children not to mention mum and dad. But it was fun

Missing February and a Week

Well i feel deeply ashamed that I have not blogged for a week but sometimes nothing really happens to share with you - thats how it rolls around here. I have been busy this week making this costume for Miss B - hems and buttons for this afternoon. I have been so busy thinking up ideas for her party - I suddenly realised that I havent got her a present yet. So I have been looking on Etsy and found some bits and pieces and deliberating over her desire to Have another Blythe doll. I have created a Monster after introducing her to the blogs CraftyGirl and Bella and Blythe. These two blogs are two of the most delightful young ladies I can imagine and combined with their mums blogs are my latest parenting tip guide. Anyway we have spent the week working on what we will wear at the party (we still have a way to go). This morning we have been working on some decorations - they are spending quality time in the shed with Dad now before being returned to me for what I imagine will be a lot of painting - sigh. I hope to get other stuff done to share with you and I will be back with some pictures of some goodies i have got in the mail during the week

Cheers and I will try not to neglect you this week