Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inspired Stitches

What a lovely day. And a perfect birthday weekend. I spent Saturday stitching and making new friends and meeting other bloggers with familiar faces. I learnt needle turn embroidery from Janelle Wind, watched Punch needle displays by Rosalie Quinlan and started one of Leanne Beasleys beautiful butterfly doilys. I am all ready to construct my notebook holder but cant believe I didn't get a photo of it amongst my collection so thankyou to the host of bloggers who have posted their photos already enabling me to remember what it was supposed to look like. My one crafty girlfriend is so jealous she wants to come next time so we are both starting to save. I imagine this will be hard because we have so many new things we want to make after seeing all of Melly's spoilers. I need some supplies and I can see that poor Sarah from Quilt Fabric Delight is still recovering she did such a good job and I think she has reaped the rewards. I fear that she will have nothing to sell now for weeks. I need to attend to my house which has been sorely abandoned for three days whilst I have been stitching celebrating my birthday with family and stitching with my friend again. Who says life is no fun

Monday, April 20, 2009

April Finishes

Absolutely soaring through my UFO's currently woooo hoooo. I have finished Misss B's Shaggy flannel quilt ( it is what I would call rustic in design) and her ballerina knited doll. The quilt was a whimsy I started for her 2 years ago because she used to really feel the cold and like to snuggle. The doll was a project a friend wanted to do and I tagged along so we could both learn to knit. It is nothing startling but it is done and I could honestly say that I can knit if required (lets just hope my life doesnt depend on it. It was started last year in September. Next up is Miss B's winter dress STAT!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have only just got around to downloading some photos off my camera and I have been determined my next post would show my darling Miss B's 4 th birthday. Of course now that I am ready blogger isn't playing the game. So this is divine Miss B's cake one toadstool house and fairy ring, and a picture of the beautiful fairy for a day.

This extra photo is of Sir TP's favourite teddy Squadfrey (squashy Godfrey) dressed for school. Sir TP proudly announced that his bear needed to be in uniform to go to school for teddy parade the night before the event so what is a mum to do but to perform a little miracle of love some scraps of felt later and ta da one uniformed bear ready for school.

As for normal wisping well - I have nearly finished Miss B's scrappy flannel quilt, I have nearly finished her knitted ballerina doll and I have started her winter dress ( which is now labelled urgently required we seemed to have turned off the air conditioner and switched on the heater). Easter was quiet and productive. I hope to put some photos up soon of these finished products - hopefully before I get distracted by Inspired Stitches on April 25th ( sshh its my birthday present as it is my birthday that weekend) cant wait to get the project packs.