Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday - New in My Hoop

Last weeks occupant of the hoop is out and she is destined for a very specific project coming soon. The new occupier of my hoop is another Inspired Stitches project - Ruby Cottage (in blue) I also have slightly different plans for this. It is coming along very quickly. I really want to do The Natalie Ross bag and purse from the Inspired Stitch weekend but I am waiting for a finishing kit - I have a bad feeling it may not happen.

Anything new in your hoop this Monday? let me know I'd love to see

Cheers Nicole

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 5 of School Holidays

We had a hugely busy but satisfying jam packed with fun day today - which is why I am writing about after the fact. The day started at The Planetarium where we learnt all about the stars in the night sky, about space and watched a very funny movie about becoming an astronaut. It was very beautiful and interesting and we all learnt something. The kids had fun weighing themselves on the interplanetary scales and working out that their 12kg on earth was 500g on Pluto and 700kg on the Sun - needless to say I don't think it would be good for my m orale to work out my sun weight tee hee. After a bite at luch at home we then scooted off to meet all our cousins at the Ice Arena for our first attempt at ice skating - Heres's Sir TP with his walking frame - he got proficient using this but didnt like dalling hard. Litle Miss B was very stylish and took to it easily - this is proving to be her talent - locomotion activities she has poise balance and grace (not to mention bendy flexy technology). I still got it after many years off the ice but I was conscious of turning on muscles which had been very dormant for years. But not in too much pain today and proudly didnt fall.

We then went home to the cousins house for Wii, drawing, takeaway noodles and The Block to finish off a really big and busy day. Today will be about rest and recovering and tomorrow we have a big ballet practice for our exams coming up. Hopefully we will also do some cleaning and crafting (probably in that order sigh). The sun is up this morning so we hope to go outside and play and maybe if tonight is clear we can show off our new found knowledge of the stars.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holidays Day 4 - Treats time

Today amongst the mundane we set out to pick up some treats. Sir TP had been working very hard on his handwriting in his homework and had been promised some Lego mini figures -he got some extras for a great report card and for being at the shops when he was feeling sick. Little Miss added to her stuffed toy or Zhu ZHu collection or was it her pink object collection or her squeaky toy collection, animals wearing skirts - hard to say there always seem to be a lot of collections.

It is so nice to get a treat - have you had a treat or started a new collection today ?

Cheers Nicole

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 3 School Holidays

Day 2 looked alot like day 1 - more sleep, sneezing and pyjamas. But Little Miss B was much brighter by the evening. Day 3 has been cold, dark but lots of good company. Our cousins have been here all day and there has been a lot of painting, drawing, imaginative play and wii /ds games and boisterous boy banter (and they say girls can talk). This has left me with time to make comfort food for a cold night. Stew and dumplings in the slow cooker and cinnamon scrolls. yes there are a few missing from the photo - my sister couldnt resist and ate them at after work pick up. I think that makes me officially the best vacation care in Australia. Well I am off now for a cup of tea and my scroll - lucky for me I have frozeb half the mixture ready to go for a few days time - when no sisters will be dropping by to eat the spoils.


Monday - New in My Hoop

After Inspired Stitches i have been keen to catch up on stitchery projects - they are such fun. So I am going to do a weekly post to show you what is in my hoop or what I might like to have in my hoop - So here is what I have just put in my hoop a bit of an experiment. What have you got in your hoop at the moment I would love to see it.

Cheers Nicole

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I love love this stitchery from Janelle Wind at Inspired Stitches - this one is going on a journal cover. I am also seeing it done in white. I am so pleased to have finished this despite all the chatting at Inspired Stitches and I am hoping it will go on the machine in the next month. ( Who else has a project timetable - you know finish this then that and so on). The one advantage of the swimming lessons was sitting around with nothing to do but watch the kids. Will show you more when it is finished and sewn up (Come back in August)

Cheers Nicole

Saturday, July 9, 2011

School Holidays Day One - Catching Up

I think we all feel a little like this today - fuzzy, cold and sleepy. Term 2 in South Australia has finished and we are pleased to have some holiday and chill out time. Little Miss B is sickly again - coughing and sleeping and watching The Fairies. We havent watched this DVD for 2 years but today we are on our 2nd viewing after an equivalent amount of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario (boy it does your head in listening to that stuff!). We have finished this term with swimming lessons at school which really put the nail in the coffin for the kids and me. Going daily to watch, the extra loads of washing , extra baths and hair washes (hubby away for work) and extra tired and grumpy children being juggled has meant today is just for breathing, drinking tea, reading blogs, and stroking projects that want to be finished.

Last Sunday beforethe swimming was my calm before the storm with my special day at Inspired Stitches. I broke the cardinal rule of blogging, I made sure my camera had the memory card in it and then left it on the bench in my mad rush to get out the door (Little B was crying she would miss me). Had the best day ever especially ending with Downton Abbey - I felt like a spoilt princess. Gwen (my Blythe Girl) and I met Janelle Wind and her lovely family of children and dolls. We stitched shared stories - Janelle had tips for clothes for the girls and even how to get extras for our family. I met Gail Pan who is also delightful, Natalie Ross who is a scream and Helen who is very helpful. I would do it all again tomorrow if money was no object - we should definitely have them all here in Adelaide more frequently (in fact we should have a facebook page to bring them back!!). So sorry about the cobwebs on my Blog - but I am back and hopefully can share some holiday adventures with you -

PS I feel the fuzzy photos are here to stay - I need a new digital snappy mine has a saggy eyelid :(

Cheers Nicole