Monday, February 23, 2009

Procrastinating - the art of creating WISP's (and a giveaway?)

At the start of the month I showed you the two WISP's I was going to finish. With 5 days to go I am stepping up the pace but feel I will not get my Christmas Stocking finished because I am procrastinating. A ture sign of not enjoying a project is when you realise you have tidied the house and cleaned it and still dont want to sit down and craft. I have also dabbled - defined as starting small projects which I know I can finish quickly as a distraction to the task of finishing the stocking. My other technique for getting out of my cross stitch has been visiting all the blogs of other one project a monthers - I started at A and have made it to G a big effort.Here are the results of dabbling yesterday - a Bluebird of Distraction....
And playing with my new yo yo maker. nI have never liked yo yo's but my tastes must be changing. I bought this Saturday and have had a play. I wish I had bought a bigger one (sometimes size does matter). But these are very cute (photo doesn't do them justice).

Now I need your help - I will do a surprise little giveaway to anyone who leaves me a comment to encourage me to finish my cross stitsh before Feb ends. I need lots of encouragement so please leave a comment.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Christmas in July Swap

SO so excited but have got some details of the Christmas in July swap being organised by Mrs Martins quilt shop. Have added my checklist to the bottom of my page so I can check it off as I collect all the bits -sounds fun.

Another finish and a Valentines Gift

Just touching base - this is my second completed block of gail Pans free BOM - I am so pleased that I have managed to stay on track for two months I might have to treat myself with something
Although my next photo is my little Valentines trea rom my Darling Hubby - Some patterns I wanted , some fabric I wanted and some pinking shears which will be very useful for dancing costumes I suspect. I could try to tell you how clever he is to put together this little bundle for me but I guess nobody would be fooled - he required some assistance.

And lastly a little finish for this month Sir TP needed a new library bag - the previous one was a freebie from the school bank and was very boring and disgusting after 12 months use. Sir TP drew the design of choice and I used his favourite colours to put together this - I am quite pleased with the result - although the photo doesnt do it justice. Still working on that stocking and now needing to find some time to work on my Easter swap. What have I got myself into

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My First Comment

I really feel like this blogs mama - that fuzzy feeling you feel as they walk and talk for you has just happened to me. The lovely Melly of Melly and me has commented on my post about Phoebe - my first comment on my blog. I feel so loved like when your littlies put their little hand in yours for comfort. It is nice to know that someone is aware that you have entered blog land so thankyou thankyou thankyou. I don't know how she does it a design business, children and mama and responding to all her comments what an inspiration to us all

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Finish

Yay, I have finished the Tooth Fairy cushion. This was purchased as a kit last January on special but still couldn't really afford it. I did the picture smocking in September last year and it has sat waiting patiently to be assembled until now. The pattern and kit were from Country Bumpkin - my all time favourite shop.
This photo shows the little piped pocket at the back for the money -can't wait to use it.
And as I suspected this little free stitchery also completed - these birds have won my heart.
I have only the Stocking to complete this month to make me happy in my progress -I am determined to rid myself of WISPs although frightened this may make me keel over!!
Unfortunately I have gotten distracted by a Kangaroo for Kindergym, A new library bag for Sir TP(his design - cant wait to show you this) some marble bags and My BOMs (Why do I get the feeling I will have more WISPs to show for this blog experience. The stocking has been in its craft bag in my craft space for 5 years. It was purchased as a kit and uses Anchor thread (which I dont have much joy with). It is mostly done some bits of backstitch and the odd stitch to finish and then construction -sounds so simple -Wish me luck.

February Highs and Lows

Like every other blog post from Australia this week my family is overwhelmed with the devastating losses being reported from Victoria. As I enjoy the successes of finishing my WISPs this month it highlights the materialistis side of this loss to me - loss of family is unthinkable - loss of belonging- how does one start to replace each facewasher, sheet, toy, utensil or fabric stash. My heart goes out to each and every person in Victoria as they walk the road of recovery. I pray for those who have lost family and friend to find comfort and for those who have lost homes and businesses to find strength to rebuild and go on and that those who are injured find the help they need to mend and grow stronger in health.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Over Excited

Now that it is February I cant wait. I am waiting for the next block of Gail Pans christmas BOM. I am waiting for more details for the Easter Swap. Too many things happening on Blogs - I almost dont have time for craft with exploring blogs - Not fair.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Kindergym Giraffe

I mentioned yesterday i had to make a Giraffe for my kindergym. The leaders are doing a theme of The Magic Hat by Mem Fox and asked for a large Giraffe Banner so using some curtain off cuts I made this Yesterday while it was a bit cooler (only 43 degrees yesterday). These photos are before the black outline but I still think he looks pretty good. He is going next to the climbing wall and the children will climb up and feed him leaves. I think he turned out pretty good. We are hoping for a cool change next Saturday - 7 days away and counting