Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hi sorry I've been away I have madly been catching up on secret santa duties. I have also been reading lots and lots. I have just finished Soul Revolution by John Burke one of 5 books I have finished in an effort to find my spirituality (I think I left it here somewhere and the kids have thrown some stuff on top!!). To challenge myself I am taking his 60:60 challenge to try and think of God every hour and include him in my life especially in places where perhaps I have excluded him. AS part of this he recommends journals, running partners and a wrist watch which beeps hourly -hmm . Unfortunately I am 5 days into this challenge and my wristwatch is malfunctioning and beeping every 4 minutes. That is what happens when you are technically challenged I guess. I am going to persevere though. My church ran with this idea earlier this year and I didn't join in because I knew I would end up smashing my watch - however I am hoping God will provide the additional patience I will need. To get me through. Promise I will show some craft soon


Saturday, November 6, 2010

I was a Winner

So excited that I won a spectacular give away from One Robin here. She had a sponsored give away of the new LEGO Creationary game. I was so hoping to give this to my children for CHristmas and now I can. Sorry no review or Pics yet you will have to wait but the money I am saving will go to fabric collecting Hee Hee. I have some great plans for Rosalie Quinlans new fabric line and Little Miss B watch this space. Thankyou so much One Red Robin, Lego and the lucky random number generator


P.S I was a little unsure about all the sponsored giveaways in blogland at the moment - but now I will have to praise them as I won one --

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shoopping at Hetties

Please forgive the appalling photography - I am sure it didn't look like that on the screen, I have finally finished spending my Birthday gift voucher at Hetties Patch. I bough this sweet Japanese Ballerina and Eiffel tower print. And this Charm pack SunKissed from Sweetwater - they are getting better.
Look at these colours - I have always wanted to do a charm square skirt for Little B.

I also visited the new Country Bumpkin store which made me feel sad. I really don't like change much and I miss the old shop and the girls who knew me so much sighh I couldn't even get what I wanted which was mimi piping so I will have to make it myself (bigger sigh). If anyone knows where I can purchase I think it was Aussie Heirlooms brand ?? mini piping from please let me know it is hard to find and Country Bumpkin was the only place I used to buy it from.
Cheers for now- back to my machine

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peter Pan Party Extravaganza

On the weekend my beautiful and clever friend hosted a Peter Pan Party which my children were fortunate enough to attend. The young hostess dressed as Wendy Sir TP donned a Peter Pan hat briefly and an assortment of lost boys , Mermaids and fairies gathered to celebrate. They played traditional pass the parcel and musical statues. Went on a Peter Pan treasure hunt where they made indian headdresses, flew with tinkerbell (and happy thoughts) received pirate treasure and fairy dust. They had treasure chests of tiny delights including yo yo biscuit clam shells so cute. The party bags were sea themed. Each guest took home a sea horse softy -oohhhh.
And an ocopus lollipop!!

And when we arrived this was the table -- aaaahhhh. So beautifully presented - I think my friend should do this as a business. What do you think.


Meet Monica

Alas it happened as it was foretold. For some weeks my computer monitor had been saying she didn't feel up to blogging. Somedays she would ,others took some coaxing. On the weekend she gave up completely and so after a brief period of mourning (or when my hubby got sick of the moaning) Monica came home to live with us. She is a little shorter and wider then her predecessor - but who am I to comment on her figure. I hope she will be with us for some time now and I am very pleased to meet her. Will come back tonight to tell you about a great party we went to on the weekend.