Monday, September 5, 2011

A Wasted Day

Today has been a recovery day or wasted one I have been in my lounge room gazing at the sunshine and looking inward. I am trying to be open to new possibilities. I have also had the electrician here and no power which has meant no ironing , cooking or computing for a while. So taday has been contemplative, reflective and has gone faster then you could imagine. Time to pick up children coming up fast sigh let the games begin

Cheers Nicole

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Ninth Birthday and Happy Father's Day

Continuing on my things to be grateful today is Sir TP's 9th birthday .Ican hardly believe we have come this far and made it. Digital cameras werent so common nine years ago -I think we borrowed one from work for this photo - this is what an 11 pound baby looks like all head and chubby as can be. Tp always loved babies and was fascinated by them - early maternal extincts here at kindergym aged 4.

And today well - ready to take on the world (this was our come as your favourite biblical character dress up day for school a few weeks back). Have a happy day little man and keep enjoying life - from mum

PS happy fathers day too darling (I still don't think you've recovered from the shock)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


There are so many things to be grateful about and as Spring has arrived it is easy to remember them so today I post what I am grateful for so that when I look back I can remember them

Today I am grateful that my whole family is coming over for a lunch celebration (hopefully after they have eaten it they will feel grateful too)

The sun is shining and bringing hope into my heart.

The boys eczema is getting some relief - we have had some interesting days and nights trying to get this in control again.

My wonderful husband for whom nothing I ask is a problem - and my brain sometimes has some very big ideas.

That my little family is as excited as me about the greater family coming to visit.

Hope you feel grateful today

Friday, September 2, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Little B who sometimes shares my allocated blogging time is rather partial to 2 other young girls blogs. These two girls, Emily at CraftyGirl and Bella at Bella and Blythe are always very generous at giveaways and competitions and B loves to see the adventures they are having with their dolls. Recently B won a giveaway from Crafty Girl this is her receiving it - Emily made some mini replica magazines for B's Blythe Doll Angel. They were both pretty pleased to receive them. So a huge big thankyou to Emily for the beautifully decorated envelope and gift wrapping - it made B's day. Oh and also a thankyou from me too for making my dollya special miniature book too (although I still think I might be a little too old to be playing with dolls siigghhh -its not fair)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Costume Mum - Part 2

This costume is my favourite. This is for our ballet class. For the 2nd year in a row the teacher has veered away from her standard story ballet and she is doing a neo-classical Australia themed modern thing (don't ask me what that means). So each group has a theme the older girls are being the school girls from Picnic at Hanging Rock we have the hot australian sun the desert the sky and the younger girls are bush butterflies and dragonflies. Started off not knowing how to do this again on my $30 budget etc but also working with my very great dislike of putting little girls in black (They have the next 80 years to wear black). I also couldnt work out how to make the wings look as good from the front as the back and didnt want to tax my mostly non-sewing other mums. Anyway - 40 % off at Spotlight was my catalyst and this metamorphed out of my brain and with the help of darling hubby who suggested cutting out from behind the applique on the butterfly wings - brilliant and I call myself a sewer. B still needs some additional elastic in the centre of her wings and as first costume mum - she will probably get that done the night before the concert in December. Ths photo doesnt do justice to how sparkly the wings are but the best bit is this costume will cost about $12-15 Yay.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Costume Mum - Part 1

Okay I am a glutton for punishment but it is that time of the year when we are designing and making costumes for end of year concert - already. This year I decided to do Miss B's Junior 1 Jazz and Primary Ballet costumes. This is her Jazz costume - music is Walking on Sunshine and I was asked for an A-line dress with a summery feel and a flower. I also put a restriction that I want to keep the costume down to under $30 - as these littlies get all of 2 minutes on stage x2 and some mums have older children dancing or small siblings meaning mum is not working, either way we dont need to go over the top. I love this but the maths for the costing has given me a real headache as patterned lycra is soo sooo expensive and I have been very stingy with my purchase to keep the cost down - I just need to work out if I will just make all of them for the class to save money mmm do I have time (probably not) but I am still considering it. Stay tuned for Part 2


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Week - Dress ups

I am no longer going to apologise for my haphazard blogging it is just a July/August thing each year. Although it feels like the cold should encourage this sort of activity the gloominess of winter seems to always slow down my thought processes to an extent that I cannot do any additional thinking. So now that the sun has started shining in short bursts and just so I can feel like I have achieved something on a day that has been a little on the slovenly side here ar Sir TP and Little Miss B in their Book Week dressups - B is recycling her Alice costume from her birthday and TP is wearing dads vintage magic cape, Grans old glasses, Bethanys witches hat, the gum trees branch for a wand and an old school shirt with a hand drawn Hogwarts emblem - I felt pretty proud of my artistic endeavours which are sadly not visible in any photos. But what matters is Sir TP was pleased with my efforts. I am now going to add some extra posts for this week to show off some of the projects that have been distracting me the last 2 months.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back from a Spell

Sorry about the blog break - no good excuse I just find my routine gets a little messed up occasionally and then a month has passed before I have fixed it - have a bit to tell you. But to try and get back into blog shape thought I would post this gorgeous evening we have had. A month ago Miss B and I purchased jammies for our girls. It has been so cold we felt they needed something snuggly. Then I found some hats on sale so we had to have those too. Well the hats came quickly but the jammies only just arrived today!! I had almost given up hope. So here are our girls all in their jammies,sleep socks and hats ready for a sleepover in B's room (Angel has a little bedroom cube, bed and quilt and makes up a bed for Gwen to come and visit if B is particularly good). They are all tucked up and snoring now (although B has her hat off).

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday - New in My Hoop

Last weeks occupant of the hoop is out and she is destined for a very specific project coming soon. The new occupier of my hoop is another Inspired Stitches project - Ruby Cottage (in blue) I also have slightly different plans for this. It is coming along very quickly. I really want to do The Natalie Ross bag and purse from the Inspired Stitch weekend but I am waiting for a finishing kit - I have a bad feeling it may not happen.

Anything new in your hoop this Monday? let me know I'd love to see

Cheers Nicole

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 5 of School Holidays

We had a hugely busy but satisfying jam packed with fun day today - which is why I am writing about after the fact. The day started at The Planetarium where we learnt all about the stars in the night sky, about space and watched a very funny movie about becoming an astronaut. It was very beautiful and interesting and we all learnt something. The kids had fun weighing themselves on the interplanetary scales and working out that their 12kg on earth was 500g on Pluto and 700kg on the Sun - needless to say I don't think it would be good for my m orale to work out my sun weight tee hee. After a bite at luch at home we then scooted off to meet all our cousins at the Ice Arena for our first attempt at ice skating - Heres's Sir TP with his walking frame - he got proficient using this but didnt like dalling hard. Litle Miss B was very stylish and took to it easily - this is proving to be her talent - locomotion activities she has poise balance and grace (not to mention bendy flexy technology). I still got it after many years off the ice but I was conscious of turning on muscles which had been very dormant for years. But not in too much pain today and proudly didnt fall.

We then went home to the cousins house for Wii, drawing, takeaway noodles and The Block to finish off a really big and busy day. Today will be about rest and recovering and tomorrow we have a big ballet practice for our exams coming up. Hopefully we will also do some cleaning and crafting (probably in that order sigh). The sun is up this morning so we hope to go outside and play and maybe if tonight is clear we can show off our new found knowledge of the stars.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holidays Day 4 - Treats time

Today amongst the mundane we set out to pick up some treats. Sir TP had been working very hard on his handwriting in his homework and had been promised some Lego mini figures -he got some extras for a great report card and for being at the shops when he was feeling sick. Little Miss added to her stuffed toy or Zhu ZHu collection or was it her pink object collection or her squeaky toy collection, animals wearing skirts - hard to say there always seem to be a lot of collections.

It is so nice to get a treat - have you had a treat or started a new collection today ?

Cheers Nicole

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 3 School Holidays

Day 2 looked alot like day 1 - more sleep, sneezing and pyjamas. But Little Miss B was much brighter by the evening. Day 3 has been cold, dark but lots of good company. Our cousins have been here all day and there has been a lot of painting, drawing, imaginative play and wii /ds games and boisterous boy banter (and they say girls can talk). This has left me with time to make comfort food for a cold night. Stew and dumplings in the slow cooker and cinnamon scrolls. yes there are a few missing from the photo - my sister couldnt resist and ate them at after work pick up. I think that makes me officially the best vacation care in Australia. Well I am off now for a cup of tea and my scroll - lucky for me I have frozeb half the mixture ready to go for a few days time - when no sisters will be dropping by to eat the spoils.


Monday - New in My Hoop

After Inspired Stitches i have been keen to catch up on stitchery projects - they are such fun. So I am going to do a weekly post to show you what is in my hoop or what I might like to have in my hoop - So here is what I have just put in my hoop a bit of an experiment. What have you got in your hoop at the moment I would love to see it.

Cheers Nicole

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I love love this stitchery from Janelle Wind at Inspired Stitches - this one is going on a journal cover. I am also seeing it done in white. I am so pleased to have finished this despite all the chatting at Inspired Stitches and I am hoping it will go on the machine in the next month. ( Who else has a project timetable - you know finish this then that and so on). The one advantage of the swimming lessons was sitting around with nothing to do but watch the kids. Will show you more when it is finished and sewn up (Come back in August)

Cheers Nicole

Saturday, July 9, 2011

School Holidays Day One - Catching Up

I think we all feel a little like this today - fuzzy, cold and sleepy. Term 2 in South Australia has finished and we are pleased to have some holiday and chill out time. Little Miss B is sickly again - coughing and sleeping and watching The Fairies. We havent watched this DVD for 2 years but today we are on our 2nd viewing after an equivalent amount of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario (boy it does your head in listening to that stuff!). We have finished this term with swimming lessons at school which really put the nail in the coffin for the kids and me. Going daily to watch, the extra loads of washing , extra baths and hair washes (hubby away for work) and extra tired and grumpy children being juggled has meant today is just for breathing, drinking tea, reading blogs, and stroking projects that want to be finished.

Last Sunday beforethe swimming was my calm before the storm with my special day at Inspired Stitches. I broke the cardinal rule of blogging, I made sure my camera had the memory card in it and then left it on the bench in my mad rush to get out the door (Little B was crying she would miss me). Had the best day ever especially ending with Downton Abbey - I felt like a spoilt princess. Gwen (my Blythe Girl) and I met Janelle Wind and her lovely family of children and dolls. We stitched shared stories - Janelle had tips for clothes for the girls and even how to get extras for our family. I met Gail Pan who is also delightful, Natalie Ross who is a scream and Helen who is very helpful. I would do it all again tomorrow if money was no object - we should definitely have them all here in Adelaide more frequently (in fact we should have a facebook page to bring them back!!). So sorry about the cobwebs on my Blog - but I am back and hopefully can share some holiday adventures with you -

PS I feel the fuzzy photos are here to stay - I need a new digital snappy mine has a saggy eyelid :(

Cheers Nicole

Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Yummy Fabric Arrives

Much to my darling hubby's chagrin it has been like a mid year christmas hear at the moment with yummy fabric arriving frequently. Firstly some yummy yardage from Aneela Hoey - Sherbet Pips - this is essential to back the quilt I made back in May. The Green spot came with it and is for binding a future project. Then just because I could - I loved the whimsy and coordinating prints of Doohickey Designs Hoo's in the forest so I got a fat quarter bundle for a few differentt projects hopefully coming up.

How could you not like this deer , owls little cute skunks and frogs and hedgehogs. Skunks just look so cute mmm. But I always had a soft spot for Warner Brothers Pepe Le Pew. I am now in a hurry to save up some money for Inspired Stitches which is next weekend and I am going (a very last minute decision thankyou so much to Sarah of Quilt Fabric Delights for not saying no to me). I had a great time last time - I love the projects Sarah has shown them to us and I need at least two of the finishing packs (lucky I already bought this fabric before I booked or else I would have had to say no to buying them.) The best part of this is I ahve a friend coming with me so I am sure we will have an absolute ball. And hopefully I will get to have a chat with Janell Wind who I feel must surely be a "kindred spirit". Must go the kids are performing in concerts all weekend and I can hear last minute Annie Rehearsals in the Bathroom.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Ruby has come to stay

I have been waiting and watching expectantly and before I ever expected to see it - Ruby arrived at one of my shopping haunts Patchwork Plus. I knew I had to have this and lots of it as I took so long to realise I liked Camille Roskelly's last fabric line Bliss that it was mostly sold out. So I snaffled up a layer cake and a Jelly roll for starters and I am already planning on the yardage (I think I have a bit of a wait!). For now I am just enjoying her company - Ruby is very pretty to look at although not much for conversation. She is even more beautiful in person then her blurry picture might imply.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Progress - Merry and Bright

Getting there yay - i am getting quite bored of this project but the borders are all on and now it just needs quilting and binding (binding is cut out just need batting ). It is wonderful to see it coming together and I am sure all the ballet moms will be pleased to watch me bind it not just embroider it - I think I have been doing the embroidery on this for 2 years now on and off between other sewing projects - urgent sewing projects keep pushing it back on the priorities. Do you have projects like that that get put behind you for more pressing projects.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunkissed Charm Patchwork SKirt

This is my sick chicken sent home from school today but just in time for a try on of the skirt I have made for her summer wardrobe (I know it is only June) The pattern is from the Moda Bakehouse Patchwork Skirt pattern and I have used a Sunkissed Charm pack and some yardage. Cute hey - for interest the pattern is a size 4- 6 but Little Miss B is a very small size 6 (almost a 4) and I probably would make it bigger for a normal 6 year old. Now I just have to stich the Elastic in and it will be done. now for a top to match - I have some ideas - watch this spot

Monday, June 13, 2011

Gwen's New Outfit

Gwen is very pleased to be modelling another warm outfit. I couldnt resist this one when I saw it on Janelle Wind's little Etsy shop - The Stitched BlueBird. Elegant Linen slacks, handknitted Cardi and vintage top- Gwen has kept her new cream turtle neck skivvy underneath for extra warmth as it is sooo chilly. My husband is disowning the whole playing with dolls thing but it is so fun- and I cant wait to meet up with Janelle and thank her next month at Inspired Stitches. Little Miss B has declared she wants a jumper too and I am thinking the holidays might be the time to get out the machine and make some more clothes ( although we had two disasters from on line patterns). My mum thinks it is cute that us girls play and make for our dolls - we have to do stuff together hey.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project Christmas _ Teachers Gift

I have gradually been making 2 of these Journal covers as teachers gifts for Christmas. I have made these using a Jelly Roll I purchased from Spotlight for $5.00 which makes them part of a perfect present on a budget. I have echo quilted the seams which I think looks really nice. Sewing 5 complete strips together gives a panel which makes 2 Journal covers and an extra piece which I used as the inside strips to hold the book in for 1 cover. I was fortunate enough to find some fat quarters of this range also which I used for lining. I just hope they will like them but for now it is into the CHristmas box (what a nice feeling). I think I might try a strippy glasses case or phone cover next - mmm.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cosy Blythe Clothes

Finally Gwen and Angel have some nice warm winter clothes. Little B and I felt so sorry for them the last few weeks in their short sleeves and sundresses so tonight we couldn't wait to re dress them and photograph them (sorry for the poor photo - hope it is the bad light and not a problem with the camera) Now they look ready for action in this very chilly weather so hopefully we can take them out and about to play. The clothes are from Here .

They were very reasonably priced and quite good quality and delivery was very prompt. Angel is wearing a dress and long stripy socks, Gwen has on a skivvy, dress and distressed stripey jeans. The hat is part of Gwen's stock outfit. Little Miss B wants mittens now as Angel has cold hands, I think Gwen needs a little scarf. They both need a home - Angel has a single bedsit and has invited Gwen to sleepover, Gwen currently is bunking on our couch until more permanent lodgings can be found. This is a fun little hobby but a little pricey but we have a few years ahead of us.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pancake comfort

Of late we have been eating far too many of these = Pancakes with dollop cream. MMMm.
We inherited a vast quantity of easy mix pancake mix and are gradually whittling it away. You just whisk it with milk and get the fluffiest lightest pancakes you can imagine mmmm. Mix it with the lovely Bonne Mamman jams and it is divine. So it is good harmony as I am trying to collect these cute little jars while the local foodland stocks this Jam. I have a lot of ideas for how I will use them - I just need some ideas of what to do with the jam. Obviously Jam goes well on things but what are good recipes with jam in them. Off to Google that -


Monday, June 6, 2011

Lego Pillow Craft

After the great success Sir TP had at making his own Pillow - he thought he would like to make something for his little friend Mini-me. Mini-me has been having a Lego party planned for some time for his party so it seemed only natural that he get a Lego pillow snuggly. So into the toybox we dug and came out with some Lego people and Sir TP said lets do a lego head so using some polar fleece to hopefully last a little better than felt we put together this for Mini-me. He hasn't got it yet but I dont think he is old enough to read just yet any way. Sir TP again drew up a pattern and I tweaked it. We went for a simple sew on the outside technique and sewed it in three parts. Sir TP stuffed and shaped it - the final stitch together hadn't been done in this photo but I think it is pretty cool and if it is as popular as the puffle has been I am sure both Sir TP and his Mini-me will be happy.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's On Sunday

A really quiet relaxing day here today Sir TP has a friend over and they are playing Wii and Mariokart -

Bethany is trying her hand at Balloon animals and we have discovered that daddy is an expert at making poodles but not pigs.And I am looking at the sunkissed yardage which arrived in the post on Friday ready to finish off a project yay. Sir Tp has been doing some sewing too - a special gift for a special little friend he has who is about to have a birthday. For lunch today we had a family trip to the Sushi Train. The kids were really curious to see what it was like after I spoke about it the other day. So we sat and watched them cooking all the different foods, we tried some sushi, some spring rolls ate using chopsticks and it was a fun little adventure -quite reasonable cost too as we all shared the different plates in case someone didnt like something - HAve a go sometime it was heaps of fun


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From the book depository

This just arrived in the last few days - an order from The Book Depository -you have to love that free shipping and they sent me a 10% off voucher also. I was powerless to resist. I cant wait to make so many of the projects from here, There are felt brooches, little friends (I can see B wanting a few of those) bags and coin purses (we all need those). Now I just have to find some really nice felt any tips?


Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Week

Last week I had great pleasure in taking a small group of year2 and 3 boys from our school on a tour of the Adelaide Central Markets and adjacent China Town - Best day ever. The children loved looking at all the interesting little things around them , they all took it in turns to find the objects for their worksheets.

We wandered through asian supermarkets and found all sorts of different biscuits and lollies and pots and pans.

We found unusual vegetables, fruits and cheeses and the most amazing looy and sweet shops. This was very popular as each child had $5 to spend and unfortunately my boys all were like well boys in a sweet shop. I hadn't been to the markets for years and I and Sir TP cant wait to go back. When I first went on maternity leave it was a goal of mine to go more regularly but with reduced income that went on the backburner - but we will try to bring it to the front now.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Silliness

Finally having seen so many silly words on comment boxes the minute I started recording them they all got more sensible but this week during my reading and visiting I came across

Balkini - now this is obviously a really reaally big skimpy bathing suit.

(probably like I would need to wear if I actually was into showing my body in sunlight) tee hee

where do they find these words.


Friday, May 27, 2011

It's raining - lets sew Sunkissed

In an effort to ignore the rain pounding on the roof - I have been playing with this Sunkissed charm pack (now I need a little yardage). It is part of already yearning or planning for Spring I fear. I can't wait to finish off this little project soon- it is a Moda Bakehouse pattern - do you know what for have a guess


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roxannes Glue Baste it/ Hexagons

At my quilt shops reccommendation - I have been trying to use this product for my hexagons. It makes the hexagons easy - but i am finding stitching them into flowers is harder -- mmm any suggestions. I think I must have used to much - i will try less but maybe I prefer stitching. Any thoughts


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

happy soggy post

Yay - I have just got in the post the next two buttons from Lynnette Andersons CHristmas button club - I am not allowed to start this until I finish one of the ten million projects on the go around here (I am out of control ) but I so love her work and this is a nice affordable project to showcase it. A big thanks to Sarah at Quilt Fabric Delight for getting these to me on what is a miserable yucky wet day - now I can have a little cheer - I fear Winter is here which has its pros and cons.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something Old but New -Something Blue -My new Polaroid

With my birthday money - I couldn't resist a New old blue polaroid camera. So cant wait next holidays to play more with this. So far been great for show and tell and the kids think it is magic (not like pictures captured on the camera screen). Unfortunately life just now is still too busy to really enjoy it - now really have to go and do some cleaning between sickness and stuff housed is way out of control. It is wet and miserable and I still just want to read sleep eat and craft -I never get that cleaning urge sigh


Monday, May 23, 2011

Catching Up - Grandfriend's Day

The final preparations for our schools' Grandfriends' Day was mammoth but we made it - that is why it has been quiet around here. I went straight from setting up art shows and directing traffic, making coffees and teas and drawing raffles to my sick bed with a cold. Funny how that always happens. It was so worth it though - our aim was to forge connections within our community and I think we did. Our Art show was immensely popular - we could have sold heaps of pieces but it wasn't about fundraising and we raised about $1000 with no real intention. I took a quick piccy of my little artists works. SIr TP's class did still lifes - there were some truly spectacular pieces in this group - Sir TP cerrtainly went for detail
Miss B's class did more traditional self portraits - here she is

It is truly a blessing to work with and for little children even if only for a blink.

More to share soon


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School Casual Day - Rock Stars

You got it-today was a casual day - themed come as a rock star so out came black, silver, the hair gel and see what we can do. These two darl looking angsty kids ar emy angel B and Sir Tp (doesn't he have some attitude). A big big week at school Daddy organised the Men's and Kids camp on the weekend with rock climbing, coke bottle rockets, tennis ball shooting, and other cool activities (Damper on a stick was very popular). Casual day today and Grandfriend's Day Thursday I guess in between they might learn something mmmm. I have been squeezing some sewing in in between organising everything and will show you on the weekend.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Winter Sherbet Quilt

Well I think I have made good progress on this over the weekend. Here is the quilt top ready for a press before I put on the borders. I think I should get the borders on tonight so then it is quilting and binding (sounds simple). I bought this kit form th fat quarter shop and it has been great value. The pattern is Piece of Cake 2 by Thinble Blossoms (I just love them) and it has been so easy to follow (although I will admit that I have done a lot of reverse sewing today - brain strained). I think this quilt shows off the Sherbet Pip fabric quite nicely and has shown me a great use of pre cut fabric. I feel quite chuffed as I dont consider myself a quilter really. I was hoping to get some other things progressing today but oh well I need a nice break now a drink and maybe some retail therapy


Saturday, May 14, 2011

What a {Sherbert} Pip of a Day

Cutting, Sewing

ShufflingLots of construction going on today (some blog reading after blogger had its little hiccough)

Need to get on that treadmill, have some fun shopping to do after my birthday and looking forward to Doctor Who on the Tv tonight. Apparently all is good at the kids camp (I will blog some more about this later). Hope to have some more progress to show on this soon. Sorry it has been quiet on here but hoping to get crafty in full swing again.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tigers and Bears Oh My

Craft at school today - once again I am exhausted but I bought home this Tiger with me for tea. I wonder what is on the menu hopefully not me!!
Now I am itching to get stitching on this gorgeous layer cake which arrived here 2 weeks ago. Sherbet Pips- I have what looks like an easy pattern in mind and I am hoping this weekend to make some big process. I f only the weekend would arrive (a couple of working days to go!!). I just hope it warms up the teensiest bit because it is soooooo cold and wet here today I just want to go to bed and sleep - perhaps I am part bear Oh my!

What does everybody else do to stay motivated and warm. I am thinking if I could motivate myself to sew on some binding, the handstitching would keep me warm.