Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

T o my friends I have met and made for this year, my followers and passers by - Have a Merry festive season. I have enjoyed finishing projects being inspired with and by you and expanding my world with yours. January will see my blogs birthday and my 50th post a sort of milestone so I will be posting a giveawayopportunity for all followers and comment makers . I would love to make double digits with my followers during January. I will continue with my own OPAM project and hope others do to. See you next year and I can show you a last minue project I made for Sir TP for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Update

Well I have posted a finish for December and it will be my only one - I dont like sewing in the festive season - it makes the house too messy. SO here is my Yo Yo Christmas tree using green scraps and the sparkles from my CHristmas in July parcel. The rest of December will be ensuring my December Daily doesnt become an UFO. Here is one of my favourite pages so far - please note I am not a scrapbooker.

I knew Dec 6 would be a busy day so I made it a fold out page and I am really happy how it has turned out.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ballet is Behind us

Here are my two ballet stars resplendent in their costumes - Sir TP a gingerbread boy from the Land of sweets and Miss B a bauble from the christmas tree. They were perfect. Sir TP has come so far this year and Miss B is a natural.
And here she is again changing the Advent calendar in her Christmas dress and off to Kindy(with sun approved sleeves ) for her end of Kindy Lunch. I cant believe she is off to school. Tears all around.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Daily

Well yesterday morning, I saw this idea originally of ALi Edwards but it is popping up on blog land a bit( I saw it at Sarahs. I think it is great and I decided to do it yesterday. So here is my start (I dont have a full complement of pages and it isnt heavily embellished. But the kids and I are excited and we are going to do it together

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Finishes

This is Molly Jayne who I finished today as a special Xmas gift for Miss B - She is very sweet in her petticoat and fairy dress. I think she needs some more clothes if I have time. And below isvmy first Quilt (although only small) Gail Pans Christmas Wish Quilt all finished. I am quite pleased with the result. bAs usual the photo doesnt do the sashing justice but it is a Nancy Halverson fabric with hooy leaves and berries which ties together the red and green very nicely. I can now decorate the house.

Decorating Begins

Like all of you crafters I am sure decorating for Christmas is a MAMMOTH task - so I have started today with my Blog (much easier than a house) SO let the festivities begin!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Homespun Excitement

I was sitting catching up on some reading today when there was a loud banging at the door -it was a parcel (or at least the postman with a parcel). I thought is it my SS present so quick. No - I have won a prize from Homespun. A prize of Sherri Berry goodness. I have never had such a stash of fabric( I am quite new to crafting and buy as I go what I need)If you have seen any pretty projects using this unusual xmas range le tme know because I now have a new mission - to use fabric from my stash

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Angel has landed

This week has seen a little parcel arrive each day. First from the lovely Jantine my stitching angel who sent me a sewing machine mat, a personalised drawstring bag , a piece of fabric and an oven mitt with little blue dutch motives on it and a little pincushion which arrived here today(no photo yet). Thankyou so much. Jantine has been a wonderful angel who has given me several sneak peeks and secret messages. I also received The Paris Collection pattern from Cinderberry stitches which I won in a giveaway. What a treat. I leave you with A picture of happy Miss B in her Butterfly Kisses dress - I wish she was smiling now but she is hot and tired and screaming Must go .

Thursday, October 29, 2009


My Angel present has taken flight across the seas but not overseas. Hope it survives.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us

Today our family celebrates 13 years of wedded bliss. Hooray for us. Am just stepping out for a quick trip to the zoo with Miss B. Photos of the Christmas dress will come up soon

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunny days

A beautiful Sunny Monday today. We have been out to Hahndorf today to visit Misty Hollow and The fairy Garden. A nice day for some photos Ruby's Dress all boxed to go with a matching covered Button Hairclip and a little lambie for her to hold.
Also Miss B's patchwork skirt. Have just finished her Ballet dress too. Phew - it feels a bit like a sewing sweatshop here at the moment.
One more costume to go and the CHristmas dress and then I can relax for October.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Peer Group Pressure

It is another dull and dreary day in Adelaide - and I can't get out and exercise on my one child free day. ho hum the door bell rings - it has arrived a little bundle of evil from Quilt Fabric Delight including Rosies new book. It is very nice but i do feel a little guilty and like I bought it just because everybody else did in blog land the power of peer group pressure. Still it was a nice read while I had a nice coffee and now half the day has gone with nothing to show for it.
Here are some work in progress photos. A dress for a friends 18 month old daughter all soft and pink. And some blurry secret stitching for another angel almost ready for the post. Now I just need to make sure Leannes Merry and Bright doesn't distract me (or Rosies Redwork Christmas Block 4 which I have also just started!) Or the little idea of making Rosies little baskets for my daughters next birthday party bags.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sir TP Turned 7

It is not possible that I have a bouncing 7 year old baby but it is true this is him and his cousin celebrating with the tip truck cake as ordered. He had a great day but I sometimes feel like he never left the terrible 2's hmmm. Blog land is abuzz with the gumnut blog and all the beautiful giveaways as soon as I can remember how to I will post the button and hopefully get a chance to win a beautiful prize. My friend Dawn has the one I want the most I have wanted that Janelle Wind bag pattern since she showed it to me at Inspired Stitches. Good luck to all Adelaide bloggers it would be nice ot keep it local. PS my Secret stitching Angel has been teasing me with sneaky peek pictures of my gift.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Christmas progress

Please excuse the shocking photos but I wanted to show progress to date on a few long term projects. Above is Gail Pans Christmas BOM one more block to go and below is Rosalie Quinlans Redwork Christmas(this won,t be finished in time for christmas but its a start for next year?) I just started This one in July so I think I have made pretty good progress but I am worried with smocking projects and Angels and Secret Santas etc it may becom a UFO. Heres hoping it won't.

Tomorrow is Sir TP's 7th birthday - I can't believe it although if he keeeps being so mean to his sister we may have to cancel it. Have made a start today on some secret sewing practicing my needleturn - not sure if I am happy with it as I am sewing for a professional - how daunting. Will post some sneaky pics soon

Monday, August 31, 2009

A finish for August - Yay

I am posting this finish for August Miss B's smocked dress I took this photo yesterday and stayed up late last night to finish the topstitchng on the collar. I am quite pleased how this has turned out as it gave me a scare when I first put on the piping (it looked very bright). But with the embroidery all finished I am quie pleased. It is the first time I have put a sash on the back for Miss B and I love the way it pulls it in for the waist (she is so tiny). At least now there is something for people to look at on my blog. I need to get clicking with the camera I have been very lazy of late. Prayers go out to my blogging friend Dawn today who is having a scary time with her Dads health - Best wishes to any other bloggy friends reading today. Create Beauty Nicky

Monday, August 24, 2009


I haven't blogged for over a month - aagh and I havent got any finishes for August yet - which is not that I havent done any stitvhing but I havent finished anything yet. I have lost my crfty mojo. I feel flat and un motivated to do anything - any tips would be appreciated

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kati cupcake Giveaway

Have seen the most beautiful quilt kit giveawayat Kati Cupcake Head over quick it is a beautiful blog.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Christmas In July Giveaway

Through Sarah's blog I have found another lovely place with a beautiful giveaway of enormous generosity and great crafting check it out

Monday, July 6, 2009

I won a Giveaway

Well last Wednesday while I was catching up on some blog reading and lamenting not winning the cross lotto and visiting that whole I never win anything mode. I noticed that I had won a blog giveaway from Sarah at Patchwork Plus. I have been wearing her store badge on my blog and visiting her store - which has some excellent specials and felt very much like minded with her - mid thirties wanting a fabric shop. So I have decided to leave her badge on my blog for another month to celebrate my win of Holly's Bouqut bag pattern by Janelle Wind and O cherry o panel and frankly I think I am happier with this prize than with the $90 million (OK I know I could buy a lot of fabric with that).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Christmas in July

Look how spoilt we were in the Christmas in July swap organised by Mrs Martins Quilt Shop. Huge thanks to Karen for organising and to my swap partner Karen. The children loved opening all the little parcels. Each of the family has a new litle sack for a new little treat?? I have some beautiful new decorations, some chocolates I wrestled from the children, a new present pincushion and this darling stitchery. It was just the best time opening it all up. I hope my partner was equally excited with her haul. A real highlight on a dismal winter day like we are having in Adelaide today. I think I will go do some more Christmas craft, do some July finishes and eat my choccies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Christmas in July Swap

Look what arrived today in the post one big Chirstmas in July parcel thankyou Karen. Miss B loved playing in the sprinkles which all fell on the ground. I cant show you anymore yet - it isnt July. But everyone is excited looking at all the pretty little parcel

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Patchwork Plus

Have just seen a new online store open Patchwork Plus- a dream come true to another thirty something young crafter - Congratulations hope it pays off for you. She has some great opening specials I am trying too look into - Kaleidoscope could be calling me but I also heard a rumour another new book might be out soon?? Must go I havent shopped all day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have been shopping here today
I only needed this

But I found this also and couldnt leave it behind

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Christmas in July

I love Christmas no surprises ther - I love every bit of it decorating the tree, baking the cookies. I signed up for Mrs Martins Christmas in July Swap and I cant wait to swap Gifts although it will be hard to say goodbye to some friends I have made.. I also want to go to the Patchwork Apple Christmas in July stitching weekend but I dont know if my budget can stretch that far - I wonder if anybody I have met is going. I am in love with Leanne Beasleys sneak peak of her project and have begged Rosie to show a peak of her design but I am very suspicious that she hasn't been home and sat still long enough to complete hers. I would love to know if anybody else is going. Please leave me a comment if you are

Christmas in July

Monday, June 1, 2009

Giveaway News

I don't usually have a lot of time to organise doing this with my very slow skills and all -but The lovely Dawn is celebrating a pattern release with a giveaway and having met her at Inspired Stitches and as my first real bloggy connection I thought I would shout out the news about how clever the Adelaide girls are getting. This piggy backs with the wonderful potential new pattern I have seen today at Silly Gilly's blog these girls are so clever.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A sneak appearance

Introducing Phinnaeus the Elephant (melly and me,s Phoebe's cousin) for Sir TP who tells me you are never too old for softies and how right he is. Someone is trying to steal the limelight and sneak into this post. Is it an eskimo? I wonder who it could be?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some finished Projects for April and May

Unfortunately my blog has been a little neglected of late - lots of finishing to report and I have been putting off uploading photos and I can only neglect housework and children for so long so sewing and blogging have to share what is left ( poor DH).

So this is my scrappy flannellette quilt for Miss B started two years ago as a bit of fun when she was a little cold bunny who needed to snuggle (April Finish).

This was a may finish the butterfly doily from Inspired Stitches by Leannes House - I will definitely do more of these and get betterat the sewing up this one looks less wonky in real life.

My first ever knitted project after scarves when 10 years old started last November when a friend wanted to knit up two for her daughter - she hasn't started them yet!!

The Rosie Quinlan Needlecase project from Inspired Stitches again - such a cute little project

Well that is a start I have finished so much thes last two months so I will try to post again next week with some more pictures see you then

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inspired Stitches

What a lovely day. And a perfect birthday weekend. I spent Saturday stitching and making new friends and meeting other bloggers with familiar faces. I learnt needle turn embroidery from Janelle Wind, watched Punch needle displays by Rosalie Quinlan and started one of Leanne Beasleys beautiful butterfly doilys. I am all ready to construct my notebook holder but cant believe I didn't get a photo of it amongst my collection so thankyou to the host of bloggers who have posted their photos already enabling me to remember what it was supposed to look like. My one crafty girlfriend is so jealous she wants to come next time so we are both starting to save. I imagine this will be hard because we have so many new things we want to make after seeing all of Melly's spoilers. I need some supplies and I can see that poor Sarah from Quilt Fabric Delight is still recovering she did such a good job and I think she has reaped the rewards. I fear that she will have nothing to sell now for weeks. I need to attend to my house which has been sorely abandoned for three days whilst I have been stitching celebrating my birthday with family and stitching with my friend again. Who says life is no fun

Monday, April 20, 2009

April Finishes

Absolutely soaring through my UFO's currently woooo hoooo. I have finished Misss B's Shaggy flannel quilt ( it is what I would call rustic in design) and her ballerina knited doll. The quilt was a whimsy I started for her 2 years ago because she used to really feel the cold and like to snuggle. The doll was a project a friend wanted to do and I tagged along so we could both learn to knit. It is nothing startling but it is done and I could honestly say that I can knit if required (lets just hope my life doesnt depend on it. It was started last year in September. Next up is Miss B's winter dress STAT!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have only just got around to downloading some photos off my camera and I have been determined my next post would show my darling Miss B's 4 th birthday. Of course now that I am ready blogger isn't playing the game. So this is divine Miss B's cake one toadstool house and fairy ring, and a picture of the beautiful fairy for a day.

This extra photo is of Sir TP's favourite teddy Squadfrey (squashy Godfrey) dressed for school. Sir TP proudly announced that his bear needed to be in uniform to go to school for teddy parade the night before the event so what is a mum to do but to perform a little miracle of love some scraps of felt later and ta da one uniformed bear ready for school.

As for normal wisping well - I have nearly finished Miss B's scrappy flannel quilt, I have nearly finished her knitted ballerina doll and I have started her winter dress ( which is now labelled urgently required we seemed to have turned off the air conditioner and switched on the heater). Easter was quiet and productive. I hope to put some photos up soon of these finished products - hopefully before I get distracted by Inspired Stitches on April 25th ( sshh its my birthday present as it is my birthday that weekend) cant wait to get the project packs.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Swap

How exciting. When I got home from school drop off there in the post box my Easter Swap. Lucky I looked as it is quite warm here today. Inside a lovely package from Christine of Brisbane. My gift came via Germany what a good girl. Christine is on holidays and she finished this little quilt for me whilst there.

So many little triangles and such lovely colours it has already found a home next to my TV with some angels on it. My parcel also had some sweet little lavender eggs which are hanging on our Easter tree and some German Chocolates. Thankyou so much Christine I really appreciate your commitment to the swap having completed this is Germany and posted it from there. It was so nice to get a little something for me. So next I have to concentrate on My Christmas in July Swap no hints this time because Karen might be watching.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Finishes

These are the girls finished in time for Miss B's party. 10 little Ballerinas one for each little fairy who comes for their lolly bag. This is their class photo some are highly confident but a couple look a little shy there at the back. I hope all the girls love them as much as Miss B does. Back to cooking now - I promise to post a picture of the cake

Monday, March 16, 2009

March Finishes

How fast is March travelling. It is a very busy month for me - Miss B is turning 4 and I have decided to make all her guests a little woollen fairy dolls - I am 1/3 of the way and will show you them when they are finished but here is one completion for March some Easter decorations aren't they cute I wonder who they are for???? We have been away camping and the Clipsal 500 is this weekend so all in all not a lot of crafting time to spend on WISPing but I will get to it soon. I have been enjoying looking at all the very clever OPAM participants and seeing all the different projects being worked on some people are very busy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Procrastinating - the art of creating WISP's (and a giveaway?)

At the start of the month I showed you the two WISP's I was going to finish. With 5 days to go I am stepping up the pace but feel I will not get my Christmas Stocking finished because I am procrastinating. A ture sign of not enjoying a project is when you realise you have tidied the house and cleaned it and still dont want to sit down and craft. I have also dabbled - defined as starting small projects which I know I can finish quickly as a distraction to the task of finishing the stocking. My other technique for getting out of my cross stitch has been visiting all the blogs of other one project a monthers - I started at A and have made it to G a big effort.Here are the results of dabbling yesterday - a Bluebird of Distraction....
And playing with my new yo yo maker. nI have never liked yo yo's but my tastes must be changing. I bought this Saturday and have had a play. I wish I had bought a bigger one (sometimes size does matter). But these are very cute (photo doesn't do them justice).

Now I need your help - I will do a surprise little giveaway to anyone who leaves me a comment to encourage me to finish my cross stitsh before Feb ends. I need lots of encouragement so please leave a comment.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Christmas in July Swap

SO so excited but have got some details of the Christmas in July swap being organised by Mrs Martins quilt shop. Have added my checklist to the bottom of my page so I can check it off as I collect all the bits -sounds fun.

Another finish and a Valentines Gift

Just touching base - this is my second completed block of gail Pans free BOM - I am so pleased that I have managed to stay on track for two months I might have to treat myself with something
Although my next photo is my little Valentines trea rom my Darling Hubby - Some patterns I wanted , some fabric I wanted and some pinking shears which will be very useful for dancing costumes I suspect. I could try to tell you how clever he is to put together this little bundle for me but I guess nobody would be fooled - he required some assistance.

And lastly a little finish for this month Sir TP needed a new library bag - the previous one was a freebie from the school bank and was very boring and disgusting after 12 months use. Sir TP drew the design of choice and I used his favourite colours to put together this - I am quite pleased with the result - although the photo doesnt do it justice. Still working on that stocking and now needing to find some time to work on my Easter swap. What have I got myself into

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My First Comment

I really feel like this blogs mama - that fuzzy feeling you feel as they walk and talk for you has just happened to me. The lovely Melly of Melly and me has commented on my post about Phoebe - my first comment on my blog. I feel so loved like when your littlies put their little hand in yours for comfort. It is nice to know that someone is aware that you have entered blog land so thankyou thankyou thankyou. I don't know how she does it a design business, children and mama and responding to all her comments what an inspiration to us all

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Finish

Yay, I have finished the Tooth Fairy cushion. This was purchased as a kit last January on special but still couldn't really afford it. I did the picture smocking in September last year and it has sat waiting patiently to be assembled until now. The pattern and kit were from Country Bumpkin - my all time favourite shop.
This photo shows the little piped pocket at the back for the money -can't wait to use it.
And as I suspected this little free stitchery also completed - these birds have won my heart.
I have only the Stocking to complete this month to make me happy in my progress -I am determined to rid myself of WISPs although frightened this may make me keel over!!
Unfortunately I have gotten distracted by a Kangaroo for Kindergym, A new library bag for Sir TP(his design - cant wait to show you this) some marble bags and My BOMs (Why do I get the feeling I will have more WISPs to show for this blog experience. The stocking has been in its craft bag in my craft space for 5 years. It was purchased as a kit and uses Anchor thread (which I dont have much joy with). It is mostly done some bits of backstitch and the odd stitch to finish and then construction -sounds so simple -Wish me luck.

February Highs and Lows

Like every other blog post from Australia this week my family is overwhelmed with the devastating losses being reported from Victoria. As I enjoy the successes of finishing my WISPs this month it highlights the materialistis side of this loss to me - loss of family is unthinkable - loss of belonging- how does one start to replace each facewasher, sheet, toy, utensil or fabric stash. My heart goes out to each and every person in Victoria as they walk the road of recovery. I pray for those who have lost family and friend to find comfort and for those who have lost homes and businesses to find strength to rebuild and go on and that those who are injured find the help they need to mend and grow stronger in health.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Over Excited

Now that it is February I cant wait. I am waiting for the next block of Gail Pans christmas BOM. I am waiting for more details for the Easter Swap. Too many things happening on Blogs - I almost dont have time for craft with exploring blogs - Not fair.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Kindergym Giraffe

I mentioned yesterday i had to make a Giraffe for my kindergym. The leaders are doing a theme of The Magic Hat by Mem Fox and asked for a large Giraffe Banner so using some curtain off cuts I made this Yesterday while it was a bit cooler (only 43 degrees yesterday). These photos are before the black outline but I still think he looks pretty good. He is going next to the climbing wall and the children will climb up and feed him leaves. I think he turned out pretty good. We are hoping for a cool change next Saturday - 7 days away and counting