Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bargain Buys

Have you seen these. These little rolls of fabric contain 25 strips of fabric the full width. There are about 5 different coordinating fabric designs inside. Currently they are on sale at Spotlight for $5.00. What a bargain. I am putting these away for Mothers Day Stall craft. I can see glasses cases Ipod covers , table runners being made out of these. bargain

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Colourful Christmas

Just received this fat Quarter bundle in the post today Colourful Christmas by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake designs. So bright and colourful. It came packaged up with a Jelly Roll of Pure by Sweet water. I have so many plans for this I just need some time. If any body knows where I can buy some at a cheap price please let me know. Another blissful day spent smocking on the verandah at Kirkbride Quilts in Strathalbyn. I am gradually getting to the end of the smocking and hope to be able to do some sewing soon. Ones fingers do itch to finish something soon.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Post

This little bundle of sugary floral sweetness arrived with a Leannes House bag pattern as my most recent Bagalicious Club installment - I just loved this fabric bundle - I may never make the bags out of it rather just fondle this fabric and make an iphone holder out of whats left after I have finished cuddling it. bags out of this seems wrong when I see dollies and dresses and so on. But Iam not etting much sewing done at the moment - I have les than a cm of Eclipse left to read (no mean feat) and I have realised that nothing will satisfy me until I have reached the end of this little saga. It is strangely compelling even though it is all a little odd. I wonder what it is? I am expecting more happy post in the next few weeks my insides are still a little fluttery from a giveaway I have just been notified of winning and I have been shopping. Camt wait to share with you all. PS I can hardly believe that despite a poor start to the year with my blogging my strong end here means I have nearly reached my 100 post. What a surprise!!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PS It Arrived

SOme little birdies must have been listening to me whinging as joyously my Homespun has arrived quite ear;y this month got it on MOnday - I am way too busy to blog at the moment _ I am reading Twilight (done) and started New Moon (half done). Sorry and all but I have to get in touch with my angsty teenage self.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunny Strathalbyn

Spent the day in Sunny Strathalbyn Smocking and Sipping Coffee at Kirkbride Quilts. Delightful shop and beautiful coffee and cakes. Only bought some threads (trying to be good) but can see my fortnightly craft day getting expensive if we meet there for coffee again! The weather is supposed to change tonight (which might see the end of my Sunny series of blogs) hopefully it will be a little cooler -we are all hot and sweaty tonight and want a long cold drink -sorry for the lack of photos. Kirkbride quilts had some lovely samples but I feel bad to take photos in case they think I am stealing ideas. Pop over to have a visit -you can eat cake while you think about whether you reallly need more fabric ( or you can buy fabric while you think about whether you need cake!).


Sunday, October 10, 2010

{Perfect Sundays}

Lunch shared to celebrate Granny's birthday - playing in the park {working on hanstands and cartwheels}. A quick walk up to the first Waterfall and the Giants Cave.
And look what we spotted along the way> of course she wouldn't co-operate with the camera and the lighting so it is a little hard to see but she has a baby on her back - I have never seen this before! Now all in bed ready to go back to school tomorrow. And for me well tomorrow is coffee and craft day. So I won't feel too lonely.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Whilst I have been busy checking out The New City Kids Market and The Bowerbird Bazaar the children have been with Daddy. Sir TP has been teaching Little Miss B how to use Starter Stiles and under instruction from Me Daddy and the kids have made Pizza Dough for homemade pizza tonight mmm. No purchases from the markets today. We are enjoying the last couple of days of the school holidays and then hopefully some normal life and some cleaning and tidying.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Quilt Fabric Delight Purchase

Well this is what I purchased from Quilt Fabric Delight - I have longed for some pretty decorated storage boxes for ages -but well money was tight I couldnt find what I wanted. So when this opportunity came up I grabbed it. WHen you open this one up you find.....
Of course another one only a little smaller and inside that one - you guessed it some more mini suitcases. Just like a suitcase wedding cake -it just needs a little bride and groom on top! Now what to put inside them - any ideas. I'll let you have a peek inside them next post and maybe a guessing game. PS I liked these so much that even though I didnt plan it I bought a second set -pink with white dots for Miss B's bedroom - she has put her craft stuff in there already. Cheers for now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A very Busy Day

Today started in a mad rush with adrive down to Brighton to pick up something From my favourite local online Quilt shop Quilt Fabric Delight. Oh what a delight - to see all those fabrics -lucky for hubby the kids were in the car and I wouldnt do that to Sarah - have two rowdy garden trained children but I had a quick sneak peak at my next bagaholic bag and saw some must haves lying around. Then it was off to IKEA for a few more buys and then a quick lunch at SUBWAY before a family bowling challenge. What a hoot My family versus my si's family a very close game indeed. There were highs (strikes obtained by Sis, Niece and I) often quickly followed by lows(two gutter balls immediately after the strike!!). But the family from Lavender Green came home the winners with Little Miss B the star (that ramp must have been the key!!)

Tomorrow I will Post my purchase from QFD and I think it will be the start of a little mystery - tune in tomorrow same bat time same bat channel(I've wanted to say that since I was 10)

Cheers for now.

From my Garden

We have been enjoying big vases full of these for the last couple of weeks fresh from our garden - it is such a treat to have fresh flowers. Our garden has not grown the flowers I would have liked it too as a result of the drought in Australia but our wet winter and sunny spring has at least for the short time given us a marvellous flush of Iris'. Please forgive me a little whinge here but in my blog hopping I cant help but see that people already have their October Homespun -as i only received Septembers 2 weeks ago I guess I won't be seeing mine for two weeks. As a subscriber in the city I find it soo annoying that all my friends get their magazine before me (last month I rang to complain and was told to go and buy it as it probably wasnt coming so I did which means I bought 2 magazines!!) So I am thinking of cancelling my subscription - I probably have enough magazines and projects lined up now.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Glorious Day

These sweet images are part of my haul from the Strathalbyn Show -purchased from Phoenix Trading. They are so delicious and my mouth is watering for more. The top two Christmas cards are little advent cards which my two little people have put there names to. They make me laugh as how organised would you have to be to ensure your cards got out by Decmber 1. I suggested to the sales lady that I might have to open the first 14 windows before I posted them - Ha ha. I just loved the Babushka paper and tag and have it in mind for a little ladies Birthday at the end of the month. We have had another glorious fine Spring day here today. Exhausted after a morning at the park with friends from Kindy and Daycare - Sir TP took to his Bean Bag to struggle along with his knitting (or Knotting depends how you look at it). And Little Miss B well she thought her little friends needed some fresh air and sunshine and a swing

Monday, October 4, 2010

One very tired puppy dog.

We have spent the day at the Strathalbyn Show - a kind of bandaid for missing out on the big Royal Show. We have had free tastes, pony rides, watched equestrian events, done sideshows. We have seen cows, second hand stalls eaten sausage sizzles and icecreams. Miss B had the obligatory face paint (had to be a puppy dog today) Sir TP opted for the Maze of Mirrors. The playground was popular while mum exploreed the Handcrafts display. All sun kissed slightly hayfeverish and tuckered out here is my sleepy puppy dog on the couch relaxing to some ABC3 before teatime.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Works In Progress - Creative Spaces

Sometimes it is hard to stick to just one project and it is hard to make progress on multiples. Just to prove crafting is happening here. Under my machine today has been a christmas quilt I just had to try with lots of machine button holing which I am still struggling to master very well.
Half smocked Miss R's dress for a 2 year old friend. Front smocked Little Miss B's dress waiting for backsmocking and embellishment. it is all go here at Craft central. Family went for long bike ride this morning and I knocked back the opportunity hubby gave me to go to a local Quilt Show I heard about at the last minute (I felt blogs and magazines had let me down as I only heard about it Friday night.
Byee for now

Friday, October 1, 2010

School Holiday Crafting

Miss B and I have been expanding on her skills from her Art Class earlier this week at Little Picassos. We have been doing some wax resist painting with craypas and water colour paints. Miss B has been using a learn to draw Princesses book we borrowed from the library to draw castles and we thought we would have a go at adding some colour. Unfortunately our water colours don't have purple - I will have to contact the manufacturer on this oversight so we have also been experimenting with mixing colours. She loves to sit at the table and craft with me and I love having her there too. Inspired by a show on ABC 3 with Mr Maker the kids htis morning made gooey splodge monsters and crayon mirror image pictures. It was great to have every one so busy although it did distract me from cleaning the house. A job that is always uninspiring. I have finally done a fabric box makeover in an effort to clean the study which is a disaster zone. Oh for a lovely clean creative space. But it always seems to be overflowing or oozing. I welcome any ideas on how to keep a crafters home clean and tidy I seem to have baskets of projects in various stages all over the house. I think I need a home makeover.

Cheers for now

A small finish - On the side

Because smocking takes sooooo long I had to reward myself today with an itty bitty finish. I embellished this t-shirt(very basic I know) to match my first lazy day skirt. The hot pink doiley is an Etsy find (I just had to have them). A small triumph for Miss B today who has adopted to his dismay Sir TP's roller blades TA daaa.

She actually is making look easy. Even on A sideways photo when will I learn not to do this

Tea Parties, Sunshine and Sand - Guest Blogger

Well sometimes you have to humour them and keep them happy. SO i said yes to the invite to a tea party (I didn't really know what to expect. Lucky I can refill the teapot because I can drink way more water then is in the pot. Mum insisted on taking photos something about she had forgotten how fun tea parties are. Anyway I tried the chocolate milk but didn't like it. I'll stick to water thanks. Now it's back to the sandpit I'm trying to fill the base of my tennis net.

School Holiday Joys

Yesterday saw us go shopping for groceries -what an adventure but we had to do it - Lunch just wasn't going to happen otherwise. I had forgotten how challenging two children made shopping and my children had forgotten all the rules of engagement. Stay to the left , watch out for people. My son wanted to touch every item before it went into the trolley. eeeekk . Thankfully he does have quiet moments like this. And he gave me a back and foot massage in the evening when my neck felt oh so sore.
Catch you soon