Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Life - In Progress

Just keeping it real here but showing proof that Project Life is happening -even if not much blogging happening I hope to be able to share some photos soon. I am preety much done up to Week 5 and 5-8 partially done Which isn't bad as it is week 8 now. Way more time consuming then it looks but it is journalling, photo album and scrap s0....

The hurdles I have experienced have been

- getting photos developed regularly and the right size and orientation. Solution -I succumbed and bought the sweetest little photo printer The Selphy CP800 bargain and so easy to use.

- Too many photos for Week 4 when we went camping so I did an insert page and again I succumbed and bought some 6x 12 page protectors (These only arrived yesterday) so that slowed me down a little too.

- As a result of buying a mixed pack of 60 pages from Project life I have had a group of pages with 4 square pockets which there is nothing in the Project life core kit to fit in them. Again I succumbed and having just used some blending scrapbook paper to start with I have bought some Project Life paper to do mini scrap layouts in these pockets.

- My supplies of alphas and embellishments is low so I am going to have to (you guessed it succymb one more time).

_One other hurdle I have come up is being smack bang in the middle of term and well and truly in routine I am finding it hard to find reasons to take photos. I am playing with a few different journalling techniques but wary of it becoming junky.

Anyway thats how it stands I have also kept completely up to date with my one line journal (soooo much easier) and I am slipping madly behind in my housework sighh. So embarassing have just had a tradesman out and I felt like I just kept moving Piles of junk around. Could so do with some enthusiasm to spice up the idea of tidying some of them up but sooo hard to find that mojo.


Monday, February 6, 2012

In My Kitchen Today

I have just put the icing on some Lemon Slice for the families lunches - not for me :(. I make lemon slice a lot -it is a family favourite and has no eggs in it so is very popular. Unfortunately the recipe uses 1/2 a can of sweetened condensed milk and a little bit mmmm what to do. Usually I throw it out or Darling Husband has a shot at it with a spoon and then I throw it out but last night I quickly googled and found some recipes for condensed milk cookies. Divided the recipe by three (figured I had 1/3 of a tin left) threw in some old choc chips and oh my how they expanded (not to self can roll them much smaller) Condensed milk cookies for lunches too. SO quick and so easy - I hope they are yummy too

Its nearly time for my lunch but I will leave you with this slightly blurry picture of something new I bought this morning Do you know what it is? I can't wait to use it


Sunday, February 5, 2012

New In my Side Bar

Well I have bitten the bullet and changed my sidebar from Finished projects to goals of things to start and finish - I am trying to find some structure to the new year and stay on top of stuff. I found it so good last year to have all the Christmas stuff done in July and so on , so I want to keep the momentum. I am aiming small with ensuring Project Life stays on track and adding in some sewing and scrapping. After all there is more to life then craft and blogging and there are oh so many ways to spend the hours -like cleaning :( and cooking :( .

Any ways keep me honest and see if I get them done


Friday, February 3, 2012

On the way home - The final Chapter

So as we pulled out of the caravan park and turned to drive to Goolwa for the 4th day straight it started. Bethany wrote her first song - set to the tune of Go tell it on the Mountain with an Australian twang ala Colin Buchanans Go tell it to Australya.

It went I dont want to go to Goolwa (over and over) it fit well and we thought it was hilarious.
In Goolwa we went for a 1 hour cruise on a steam paddleship the Oscar W it was cute and freezing after the other hot days and we had no jumpers but we had fun exploring the little old ship watching the workings of it and seeing the Murray River from a different aspect. Then it was time to go home, unpack and back to reality before the big return to school

Hope you enjoyed our little trip
While i have been catching you up I have also been working on some sewing projects (gifts) and my Project Life I am also right up to date with my Post card calendar which is good to.

More soon

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Last Week of Summer Holidays Part 3

Now the great thing about camping is the time you really spend together. Once the kids get settled we spend some time playing games together. Game of choice this holiday was Rummikub which I believeis Gin Rummy without cards. The only problem is that I am very competitive and seldom lose On the third day of our trip we drove to you guessed it Goolwa and rode along the Encounter bike path all the way to Port Elliott (where we ate ice cream well except for me:() It was a 20 km round trip so we were all tired after that.

Whilst relaxing Sir TP and I read The Key to Rondo which is an excellent young persons book and we will be looking out for more Emily Rodda. Hubby is working through Wicked (which is quite difficult reading) and I finished reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe to the children.

Tragedy did befall us when Miss B took a tumble off her bike and onto her head leaving a nasty graze and a lot of very loud tears and also the bandage she has been sporting for the last week.
But alls well that ends well and we packed up on Thursday to go back to not home, but you guessed it Goolwa on the way home.

We had one more little adventure there, But I am afraid that that is another story


Our Last Week of Summer Holidays Part 2

Even though we stayed at Milang, we seemed to spend most of our time in and around Goolwa. We didn't have any plans (thats how hubby likes it). We just mooched around and did what happened - it is summer holidays after all. Darling hubby thought he would try his hand at 4WDing and go down towards the Murray Mouth. We had a few little exciting mounds before he lost his nerve as we were travelling alone.

This is hubby letting the air out his tyres before he decided to turn back -chicken but at least we didn't have to pay to be towed out. To calm our nerves we all stopped for an ice cream (well except me because I am being good sigh :( .

Then we thought we would check out the beach. There were lots of people looking for cockles or pipis which was something I had never done. After a couple of tries we found heaps of them it really is not hard. The children thought this was heaps fun and we lined them all up and had races to see whose cockle would dig away from us the fastest. Miss B wouldnt let them get away she kept a firm hold and was quite strict with her cockles. We decided we would come back better equipped the next day and catch some to eat and have a try as none of us had ever eaten cocklesThe wonders of our modern world meant I could google how to prepare and cook cockles so we trekked back to Goolwa beach the next day and this time we swam and collected cockles and dug holes and made castles. We boogie board with some half decent waves (unlike the other week) until mummy got a little nervous and Sir TP got a little confident. Little Miss B worked on her handstands and cartwheels and here are our two buckets of cockles for our teaUnfortunately by the time I cooked them the children wouldnt try more than one as they were too fond of them and their little sneaky digging tongues oh well Hubby and I had a nice appetiser/entree.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Last Week of Summer Holidays Part 1

Just to reduce the photo heavy post I will slowly update you on our adventures of the last week of our summer holidays. After everyone had recovered from their cycling efforts we packed up and headed off on a little coastal camping expedition. We struggled with Sooty our cat to get her into the cage . Loaded up our ute and trailer and headed off to the Milang lakeside Caravan Park.

(Look sideways at our very disgruntled cat)

The whole family helped to put up the tent, chairs table and kitchen we were quite late arriving so I busied myself with preparing some food and watching and taking photos. This might seem a little lazy to you but it is my little luxury that as I am a five star kind-a-girl (with a 1 star budget and a family who loooove camping) I get pampered in the work department.

(Our Holiday Home)

Then we set in for some relaxing holiday time together with minimal interruptions from work and electrical appliances. We did allow the kids to bring their DS' but only as it was going to be so hot we knew we would have to spend a bit of time just sitting and being and it does help to keep them amused. But we also have heaps of other stuff. Bikes which are always popular and we just love the freedom of the caravan park and ridingup and down and around with minimal supervision. On the really hot days (Monday and Tuesday were both 37 degrees) This is how we spent our mornings. After big sleep ins the Corellas woke us up with their screeching. We ate breakfast and then chased the shade while playing with Beyblades, Tech decks and Club Penguin cards . When I wasn't involved in the card playing I got to spend lots of time reading on my E-reader (gotta love that) When the afternoons came and our shade disappeared we headed off to look for adventures

But that is another story