Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hi sorry I've been away I have madly been catching up on secret santa duties. I have also been reading lots and lots. I have just finished Soul Revolution by John Burke one of 5 books I have finished in an effort to find my spirituality (I think I left it here somewhere and the kids have thrown some stuff on top!!). To challenge myself I am taking his 60:60 challenge to try and think of God every hour and include him in my life especially in places where perhaps I have excluded him. AS part of this he recommends journals, running partners and a wrist watch which beeps hourly -hmm . Unfortunately I am 5 days into this challenge and my wristwatch is malfunctioning and beeping every 4 minutes. That is what happens when you are technically challenged I guess. I am going to persevere though. My church ran with this idea earlier this year and I didn't join in because I knew I would end up smashing my watch - however I am hoping God will provide the additional patience I will need. To get me through. Promise I will show some craft soon


Saturday, November 6, 2010

I was a Winner

So excited that I won a spectacular give away from One Robin here. She had a sponsored give away of the new LEGO Creationary game. I was so hoping to give this to my children for CHristmas and now I can. Sorry no review or Pics yet you will have to wait but the money I am saving will go to fabric collecting Hee Hee. I have some great plans for Rosalie Quinlans new fabric line and Little Miss B watch this space. Thankyou so much One Red Robin, Lego and the lucky random number generator


P.S I was a little unsure about all the sponsored giveaways in blogland at the moment - but now I will have to praise them as I won one --

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shoopping at Hetties

Please forgive the appalling photography - I am sure it didn't look like that on the screen, I have finally finished spending my Birthday gift voucher at Hetties Patch. I bough this sweet Japanese Ballerina and Eiffel tower print. And this Charm pack SunKissed from Sweetwater - they are getting better.
Look at these colours - I have always wanted to do a charm square skirt for Little B.

I also visited the new Country Bumpkin store which made me feel sad. I really don't like change much and I miss the old shop and the girls who knew me so much sighh I couldn't even get what I wanted which was mimi piping so I will have to make it myself (bigger sigh). If anyone knows where I can purchase I think it was Aussie Heirlooms brand ?? mini piping from please let me know it is hard to find and Country Bumpkin was the only place I used to buy it from.
Cheers for now- back to my machine

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peter Pan Party Extravaganza

On the weekend my beautiful and clever friend hosted a Peter Pan Party which my children were fortunate enough to attend. The young hostess dressed as Wendy Sir TP donned a Peter Pan hat briefly and an assortment of lost boys , Mermaids and fairies gathered to celebrate. They played traditional pass the parcel and musical statues. Went on a Peter Pan treasure hunt where they made indian headdresses, flew with tinkerbell (and happy thoughts) received pirate treasure and fairy dust. They had treasure chests of tiny delights including yo yo biscuit clam shells so cute. The party bags were sea themed. Each guest took home a sea horse softy -oohhhh.
And an ocopus lollipop!!

And when we arrived this was the table -- aaaahhhh. So beautifully presented - I think my friend should do this as a business. What do you think.


Meet Monica

Alas it happened as it was foretold. For some weeks my computer monitor had been saying she didn't feel up to blogging. Somedays she would ,others took some coaxing. On the weekend she gave up completely and so after a brief period of mourning (or when my hubby got sick of the moaning) Monica came home to live with us. She is a little shorter and wider then her predecessor - but who am I to comment on her figure. I hope she will be with us for some time now and I am very pleased to meet her. Will come back tonight to tell you about a great party we went to on the weekend.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bargain Buys

Have you seen these. These little rolls of fabric contain 25 strips of fabric the full width. There are about 5 different coordinating fabric designs inside. Currently they are on sale at Spotlight for $5.00. What a bargain. I am putting these away for Mothers Day Stall craft. I can see glasses cases Ipod covers , table runners being made out of these. bargain

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Colourful Christmas

Just received this fat Quarter bundle in the post today Colourful Christmas by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake designs. So bright and colourful. It came packaged up with a Jelly Roll of Pure by Sweet water. I have so many plans for this I just need some time. If any body knows where I can buy some at a cheap price please let me know. Another blissful day spent smocking on the verandah at Kirkbride Quilts in Strathalbyn. I am gradually getting to the end of the smocking and hope to be able to do some sewing soon. Ones fingers do itch to finish something soon.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Post

This little bundle of sugary floral sweetness arrived with a Leannes House bag pattern as my most recent Bagalicious Club installment - I just loved this fabric bundle - I may never make the bags out of it rather just fondle this fabric and make an iphone holder out of whats left after I have finished cuddling it. bags out of this seems wrong when I see dollies and dresses and so on. But Iam not etting much sewing done at the moment - I have les than a cm of Eclipse left to read (no mean feat) and I have realised that nothing will satisfy me until I have reached the end of this little saga. It is strangely compelling even though it is all a little odd. I wonder what it is? I am expecting more happy post in the next few weeks my insides are still a little fluttery from a giveaway I have just been notified of winning and I have been shopping. Camt wait to share with you all. PS I can hardly believe that despite a poor start to the year with my blogging my strong end here means I have nearly reached my 100 post. What a surprise!!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PS It Arrived

SOme little birdies must have been listening to me whinging as joyously my Homespun has arrived quite ear;y this month got it on MOnday - I am way too busy to blog at the moment _ I am reading Twilight (done) and started New Moon (half done). Sorry and all but I have to get in touch with my angsty teenage self.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunny Strathalbyn

Spent the day in Sunny Strathalbyn Smocking and Sipping Coffee at Kirkbride Quilts. Delightful shop and beautiful coffee and cakes. Only bought some threads (trying to be good) but can see my fortnightly craft day getting expensive if we meet there for coffee again! The weather is supposed to change tonight (which might see the end of my Sunny series of blogs) hopefully it will be a little cooler -we are all hot and sweaty tonight and want a long cold drink -sorry for the lack of photos. Kirkbride quilts had some lovely samples but I feel bad to take photos in case they think I am stealing ideas. Pop over to have a visit -you can eat cake while you think about whether you reallly need more fabric ( or you can buy fabric while you think about whether you need cake!).


Sunday, October 10, 2010

{Perfect Sundays}

Lunch shared to celebrate Granny's birthday - playing in the park {working on hanstands and cartwheels}. A quick walk up to the first Waterfall and the Giants Cave.
And look what we spotted along the way> of course she wouldn't co-operate with the camera and the lighting so it is a little hard to see but she has a baby on her back - I have never seen this before! Now all in bed ready to go back to school tomorrow. And for me well tomorrow is coffee and craft day. So I won't feel too lonely.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Whilst I have been busy checking out The New City Kids Market and The Bowerbird Bazaar the children have been with Daddy. Sir TP has been teaching Little Miss B how to use Starter Stiles and under instruction from Me Daddy and the kids have made Pizza Dough for homemade pizza tonight mmm. No purchases from the markets today. We are enjoying the last couple of days of the school holidays and then hopefully some normal life and some cleaning and tidying.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Quilt Fabric Delight Purchase

Well this is what I purchased from Quilt Fabric Delight - I have longed for some pretty decorated storage boxes for ages -but well money was tight I couldnt find what I wanted. So when this opportunity came up I grabbed it. WHen you open this one up you find.....
Of course another one only a little smaller and inside that one - you guessed it some more mini suitcases. Just like a suitcase wedding cake -it just needs a little bride and groom on top! Now what to put inside them - any ideas. I'll let you have a peek inside them next post and maybe a guessing game. PS I liked these so much that even though I didnt plan it I bought a second set -pink with white dots for Miss B's bedroom - she has put her craft stuff in there already. Cheers for now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A very Busy Day

Today started in a mad rush with adrive down to Brighton to pick up something From my favourite local online Quilt shop Quilt Fabric Delight. Oh what a delight - to see all those fabrics -lucky for hubby the kids were in the car and I wouldnt do that to Sarah - have two rowdy garden trained children but I had a quick sneak peak at my next bagaholic bag and saw some must haves lying around. Then it was off to IKEA for a few more buys and then a quick lunch at SUBWAY before a family bowling challenge. What a hoot My family versus my si's family a very close game indeed. There were highs (strikes obtained by Sis, Niece and I) often quickly followed by lows(two gutter balls immediately after the strike!!). But the family from Lavender Green came home the winners with Little Miss B the star (that ramp must have been the key!!)

Tomorrow I will Post my purchase from QFD and I think it will be the start of a little mystery - tune in tomorrow same bat time same bat channel(I've wanted to say that since I was 10)

Cheers for now.

From my Garden

We have been enjoying big vases full of these for the last couple of weeks fresh from our garden - it is such a treat to have fresh flowers. Our garden has not grown the flowers I would have liked it too as a result of the drought in Australia but our wet winter and sunny spring has at least for the short time given us a marvellous flush of Iris'. Please forgive me a little whinge here but in my blog hopping I cant help but see that people already have their October Homespun -as i only received Septembers 2 weeks ago I guess I won't be seeing mine for two weeks. As a subscriber in the city I find it soo annoying that all my friends get their magazine before me (last month I rang to complain and was told to go and buy it as it probably wasnt coming so I did which means I bought 2 magazines!!) So I am thinking of cancelling my subscription - I probably have enough magazines and projects lined up now.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Glorious Day

These sweet images are part of my haul from the Strathalbyn Show -purchased from Phoenix Trading. They are so delicious and my mouth is watering for more. The top two Christmas cards are little advent cards which my two little people have put there names to. They make me laugh as how organised would you have to be to ensure your cards got out by Decmber 1. I suggested to the sales lady that I might have to open the first 14 windows before I posted them - Ha ha. I just loved the Babushka paper and tag and have it in mind for a little ladies Birthday at the end of the month. We have had another glorious fine Spring day here today. Exhausted after a morning at the park with friends from Kindy and Daycare - Sir TP took to his Bean Bag to struggle along with his knitting (or Knotting depends how you look at it). And Little Miss B well she thought her little friends needed some fresh air and sunshine and a swing

Monday, October 4, 2010

One very tired puppy dog.

We have spent the day at the Strathalbyn Show - a kind of bandaid for missing out on the big Royal Show. We have had free tastes, pony rides, watched equestrian events, done sideshows. We have seen cows, second hand stalls eaten sausage sizzles and icecreams. Miss B had the obligatory face paint (had to be a puppy dog today) Sir TP opted for the Maze of Mirrors. The playground was popular while mum exploreed the Handcrafts display. All sun kissed slightly hayfeverish and tuckered out here is my sleepy puppy dog on the couch relaxing to some ABC3 before teatime.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Works In Progress - Creative Spaces

Sometimes it is hard to stick to just one project and it is hard to make progress on multiples. Just to prove crafting is happening here. Under my machine today has been a christmas quilt I just had to try with lots of machine button holing which I am still struggling to master very well.
Half smocked Miss R's dress for a 2 year old friend. Front smocked Little Miss B's dress waiting for backsmocking and embellishment. it is all go here at Craft central. Family went for long bike ride this morning and I knocked back the opportunity hubby gave me to go to a local Quilt Show I heard about at the last minute (I felt blogs and magazines had let me down as I only heard about it Friday night.
Byee for now

Friday, October 1, 2010

School Holiday Crafting

Miss B and I have been expanding on her skills from her Art Class earlier this week at Little Picassos. We have been doing some wax resist painting with craypas and water colour paints. Miss B has been using a learn to draw Princesses book we borrowed from the library to draw castles and we thought we would have a go at adding some colour. Unfortunately our water colours don't have purple - I will have to contact the manufacturer on this oversight so we have also been experimenting with mixing colours. She loves to sit at the table and craft with me and I love having her there too. Inspired by a show on ABC 3 with Mr Maker the kids htis morning made gooey splodge monsters and crayon mirror image pictures. It was great to have every one so busy although it did distract me from cleaning the house. A job that is always uninspiring. I have finally done a fabric box makeover in an effort to clean the study which is a disaster zone. Oh for a lovely clean creative space. But it always seems to be overflowing or oozing. I welcome any ideas on how to keep a crafters home clean and tidy I seem to have baskets of projects in various stages all over the house. I think I need a home makeover.

Cheers for now

A small finish - On the side

Because smocking takes sooooo long I had to reward myself today with an itty bitty finish. I embellished this t-shirt(very basic I know) to match my first lazy day skirt. The hot pink doiley is an Etsy find (I just had to have them). A small triumph for Miss B today who has adopted to his dismay Sir TP's roller blades TA daaa.

She actually is making look easy. Even on A sideways photo when will I learn not to do this

Tea Parties, Sunshine and Sand - Guest Blogger

Well sometimes you have to humour them and keep them happy. SO i said yes to the invite to a tea party (I didn't really know what to expect. Lucky I can refill the teapot because I can drink way more water then is in the pot. Mum insisted on taking photos something about she had forgotten how fun tea parties are. Anyway I tried the chocolate milk but didn't like it. I'll stick to water thanks. Now it's back to the sandpit I'm trying to fill the base of my tennis net.

School Holiday Joys

Yesterday saw us go shopping for groceries -what an adventure but we had to do it - Lunch just wasn't going to happen otherwise. I had forgotten how challenging two children made shopping and my children had forgotten all the rules of engagement. Stay to the left , watch out for people. My son wanted to touch every item before it went into the trolley. eeeekk . Thankfully he does have quiet moments like this. And he gave me a back and foot massage in the evening when my neck felt oh so sore.
Catch you soon

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 2 of our Holidays

Cousins came over today for fun and adventure. The boys had a full session of Mario Smash Brothers with all the interesting language it entails. Eventually I pushed them out the back door to jump and swing (which they love). After much protesting got this photo (OHH Aunty N) - I loved my two big boys on the glider swing perhaps those days are coming to an end slowly. Of course swinging these days is more like EXTREME SWINGING almost too scary to watch. The afternoon was art class and here was the product.
Bye For now

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 1 of our Holidays- Guest Blogger

Hellooo from Mummy's blog (she is typing for me). Today it was so nice to be able to just play. I had my good friend Miss JJ over to play today and we played Barbies while her mummy and mine sewed then we played jump rope and swung on the swing and the trampoline. Mummy made us hot dogs and we ate them outside for the first time in ages. While mum cooked dinner I finished making Tinkerbell from Hama Beads and then mummy ironed it. Tomorrow I will do her wings. They are so cool. I am going to an art class tomorrow with my cousins and I can't wait. hope I canblog again soon. Bye

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well the children did a super job of their school concert. Sir TP made avery convincing Getaway presenter and spoke clearly an awful lot of large and foreign words (his photographic memory comes in handy for more than just picking up on forgotten promises). Little Miss B also did a great job of singing and dancing in her Grease medley. There were some truly classic moments of 5 yearold SUmmer Lovin. Friday saw the children on holidays and mini golf with Grandma followed by Saturday Daling Hubby abd I tripped down memory lane at The 50th anniversary show of Adelaide Gang Show (SIr TP has begged to be allowed to audition for it next year - we'll see). Then SUnday saw us up at dawn to drive Polly Prefect (1949 Ford Prefect) in the Bay to Birdwood Run finishing our Weekend off at the bike party wher we 'crashed a friends birthday party. Literally we left the park with 2 grazed knees and a bump in the middle of Little B's forehead. Tomorrow I will have some holiday photos and a guest presenter


Ps head to my favourite of all time blog for a fantastic giveaway here. It is mine but you are welcome to have a try at winning it - fingers crossed

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm SIck :(

2 working days until our school holidays and now I'm stuck at home sick. My throat is sore, my bones are aching and I have been asleep all morning. I have to get up and get the children from school and get them ready for their concert and go and watch them. My head hurts my ears hurt. But really life is still good - 2 weeks ahead to play with my lovely children. Look out for them as they are going to do some guest blogging features.

Keep you posted

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Smocking Season

It's smocking season. For those who have visited my blog for a while may already know that smocking is my first love. What you may not know is that pleating is the complete opposite( I am not allowed to use the H word). If you don't know what a Smocking Pleater looks like go here to see a picture. It looks like torture equipment from the witch trials or the reformation doesn't it. Well using it is kind of like torture too. The little floral dress went through no problems - that is for a dress for a little 2 year old cherubim who belongs to a school mum. The holly fabric was pleated twice it went through crooked and then folded itself into a nightmare. The language used by the pleating lady (Me) would have curled your hair and I don't think it would be much less painful to be put through the winder then to have to push the warped fabric through the pleater unpleat it re thread the machine and do it again. The sad thing is I have one more piece of fabric to pleat tonight. God bless us as we go through it again.

PS Last pleating job - mission accomplished successfully hooray.

Cheers For now

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shoeboxes of Love

Last Wednesday we all went shopping to buy small things for somebody we don't know.
Something to wear, something to love, something to play with something for school, something to remember. We bought t-shirts, hair ties, face washers ,tennis balls, bears,dolls, pencils, sharpeners, exercise books. Today we have wrapped up boxes in our favourite colours added some stickers and carefully packed it all in it was a bit of a squeeze. omorrow we will take them to school and send them off to somebody who doesn't get a lot of presents and doesn't know us and ca't say thankyou. But we know how great it is to get a parcel in the post and that is thanks enough.

Ps yes those are ANZAC crumbs on faces and shirts - and that is thanks enough. If you want to know more about Operation Christmas CHild go here


Yummy ANZAC biscuits - a double batch some for us and some for a care packege for a family friend. Nothing smells better then freshly baked biscuits. Now for the not so nice bit got to go and clean up.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lazy Day 4

Well so far so good I am on top of my challenge - but I dont think I will be posting a day 5 skirt tomorrow -sorry and all. I havent had timeto get the fabric I want to do it in. This skirt I am calling Flower Power because it is really bright. Most of these skirts have cost me $3 - $5.00 including trim and elastic. It's hard to beat that. I will definitely have to challenge myself more often -sometimes you surprise yourself what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. I have been encouraging Little Miss B to help me with my sewing she passes things and holds the tape and any small jobs I can think of. I want to try and find a little swap among bloggers for a childrens sewing kit to get involved in or maybe host my own. I wonder if there is such a thing or if anyone is interested.

Why its Greased Lightning

Here is little Miss B before her dress rehearsal for school concert this morninh. Wound up like a ha'penny bob. Hope she remembered it all we have been singing Grease songs in the car for 2-3 weeks now and it does take some convincing that I do know the real words. I can't wait to see it Thursday night. Hope you are having a great Monday

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mondays Skirt is Fair of Face

Beautiful and cool pale blue floral with blue and white stripe ribbon on the bottom - I know my photos are dodgy as but my sewing is somewhat better. I think I will call this one cool as ice. For those really hot days. I must say blogger is being really kind with me of late and uploading photos is becoming a whole lot more pleasurable. I am also enjoying the new stats page which has shown me that people really to drop by to visit. So a big thankyou for stopping by please leave a comment from time to time. After all I would hate to think I was just talking to myself. Leave me a comment if you too are planning change of season fashions so I can check out your blog and maybe get some inspiration.
Cheers - I am off for a busy day of concert rehearsals at the school.

Lazy Sunday Skirt

While the children are out for a fun day of Scottish country dancing I have quickly whipped up todays skirt and a top to match - little green apples. I just happened to have some matching apple buttons that seemed just perfect to match this fabric from my stash. I can't say too much more I am putting off a battle with my pleater some house work and a promise of ANZAC biscuits for school lunches. Only 1 more week till the holidays - I cant wait the children are tired and cranky and need to have a day at home in their pyjamas. Till then

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lazy Days Skirts

I loved the challenge run here last year for Oliver and S Lazy Day skirt. I wasn't organised enough at the time to take part but I thought now would be ideal to get ready for Spring/summer fashions so we are off and racing -although I would love to use some beautiful fabrics from here my budget might not stretch quite far enough this year we'll see. So here is skirt no 1, day 1 for viewing Fabric used is Summer song by My Minds Eye for Riley blake purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop -I am loving my Aussie Dollar so much.

We {heart} Percy Jackson

Sir TP and I have just finished our 4th Percy Jackson book in 5 weeks. We love Percy Jackson and the greek gods tale of adventure. We have only had one night of bad dreams about sirens which he thought were a little scary because they wanted to eat the sailors but overall it has been very exciting reasing. It is a challenge to find books to excit an 8 yr old strong reader that have an exciting story but stretch the mind further than good old Captain Underpants and where the language isnt pitched too high or crass. We have read all the Zac Powers, have made a strong start on Enid Blyton now The Secret Seven and hopefully the Famous Five and a few others. I have been trawling the second hand shops and have so far found this haul

I am also in the process of a sewing challenge so hope to report back regularly this week on making a skirt a day. The blogging regularly may well be the challenge. I wanted to do this last year - make 5 play skirts for Miss B for summer. Whilst no official challenge exists at the moment it suits me to challenge myself now. I will report back my progress soon


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Costume Mum

Sometimes you cant help yourself you volunteer to share your skills and the rest is history. I have been working on Miss B's Pre - primary ballet costume and I think it is all final now. It is sweet and innocent - Dancing to music from Finding Neverland(a Peter Pan Story) and they are all little Tinkerbells(no wings) waking up Wendy

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Spooky Party

Here is Sir Tp -henceforth Skeleton Boy my happy 8 year old at his spooky party. We even arranged spooky weather for the day and thankfully managed to entertain his 12 friends inside for 3 hours despite rain and storms ravaging our state for 24 hours.

As usuaul celebrations for us are as much about the journey as the destination. We made chocolate crackle bats yummy and spooky.

We set up a Spooky table.

In the morning Skeleton Boy woke up to a present in his room , balloons streamers and bunting. I had covered his floor in balloons while he slept

and just to stretch your neck (in case you have been reading blogs for too long put your right ear on to your shoulder and you can see Skeleton Boy and Witch Girl ready to go. Helium balloons supercede the broomstick of course these days. Skeleton Boy was great in our Spooky passageway which we turned into a dark space with spooky glow in the dark bats , skeletons and footprints. Not to mention my painted glow in the dark face. We all had fun and recovered in time to celebrate dads day the next morning.
Cheers for now