Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From the book depository

This just arrived in the last few days - an order from The Book Depository -you have to love that free shipping and they sent me a 10% off voucher also. I was powerless to resist. I cant wait to make so many of the projects from here, There are felt brooches, little friends (I can see B wanting a few of those) bags and coin purses (we all need those). Now I just have to find some really nice felt any tips?


Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Week

Last week I had great pleasure in taking a small group of year2 and 3 boys from our school on a tour of the Adelaide Central Markets and adjacent China Town - Best day ever. The children loved looking at all the interesting little things around them , they all took it in turns to find the objects for their worksheets.

We wandered through asian supermarkets and found all sorts of different biscuits and lollies and pots and pans.

We found unusual vegetables, fruits and cheeses and the most amazing looy and sweet shops. This was very popular as each child had $5 to spend and unfortunately my boys all were like well boys in a sweet shop. I hadn't been to the markets for years and I and Sir TP cant wait to go back. When I first went on maternity leave it was a goal of mine to go more regularly but with reduced income that went on the backburner - but we will try to bring it to the front now.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Silliness

Finally having seen so many silly words on comment boxes the minute I started recording them they all got more sensible but this week during my reading and visiting I came across

Balkini - now this is obviously a really reaally big skimpy bathing suit.

(probably like I would need to wear if I actually was into showing my body in sunlight) tee hee

where do they find these words.


Friday, May 27, 2011

It's raining - lets sew Sunkissed

In an effort to ignore the rain pounding on the roof - I have been playing with this Sunkissed charm pack (now I need a little yardage). It is part of already yearning or planning for Spring I fear. I can't wait to finish off this little project soon- it is a Moda Bakehouse pattern - do you know what for have a guess


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roxannes Glue Baste it/ Hexagons

At my quilt shops reccommendation - I have been trying to use this product for my hexagons. It makes the hexagons easy - but i am finding stitching them into flowers is harder -- mmm any suggestions. I think I must have used to much - i will try less but maybe I prefer stitching. Any thoughts


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

happy soggy post

Yay - I have just got in the post the next two buttons from Lynnette Andersons CHristmas button club - I am not allowed to start this until I finish one of the ten million projects on the go around here (I am out of control ) but I so love her work and this is a nice affordable project to showcase it. A big thanks to Sarah at Quilt Fabric Delight for getting these to me on what is a miserable yucky wet day - now I can have a little cheer - I fear Winter is here which has its pros and cons.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something Old but New -Something Blue -My new Polaroid

With my birthday money - I couldn't resist a New old blue polaroid camera. So cant wait next holidays to play more with this. So far been great for show and tell and the kids think it is magic (not like pictures captured on the camera screen). Unfortunately life just now is still too busy to really enjoy it - now really have to go and do some cleaning between sickness and stuff housed is way out of control. It is wet and miserable and I still just want to read sleep eat and craft -I never get that cleaning urge sigh


Monday, May 23, 2011

Catching Up - Grandfriend's Day

The final preparations for our schools' Grandfriends' Day was mammoth but we made it - that is why it has been quiet around here. I went straight from setting up art shows and directing traffic, making coffees and teas and drawing raffles to my sick bed with a cold. Funny how that always happens. It was so worth it though - our aim was to forge connections within our community and I think we did. Our Art show was immensely popular - we could have sold heaps of pieces but it wasn't about fundraising and we raised about $1000 with no real intention. I took a quick piccy of my little artists works. SIr TP's class did still lifes - there were some truly spectacular pieces in this group - Sir TP cerrtainly went for detail
Miss B's class did more traditional self portraits - here she is

It is truly a blessing to work with and for little children even if only for a blink.

More to share soon


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School Casual Day - Rock Stars

You got it-today was a casual day - themed come as a rock star so out came black, silver, the hair gel and see what we can do. These two darl looking angsty kids ar emy angel B and Sir Tp (doesn't he have some attitude). A big big week at school Daddy organised the Men's and Kids camp on the weekend with rock climbing, coke bottle rockets, tennis ball shooting, and other cool activities (Damper on a stick was very popular). Casual day today and Grandfriend's Day Thursday I guess in between they might learn something mmmm. I have been squeezing some sewing in in between organising everything and will show you on the weekend.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Winter Sherbet Quilt

Well I think I have made good progress on this over the weekend. Here is the quilt top ready for a press before I put on the borders. I think I should get the borders on tonight so then it is quilting and binding (sounds simple). I bought this kit form th fat quarter shop and it has been great value. The pattern is Piece of Cake 2 by Thinble Blossoms (I just love them) and it has been so easy to follow (although I will admit that I have done a lot of reverse sewing today - brain strained). I think this quilt shows off the Sherbet Pip fabric quite nicely and has shown me a great use of pre cut fabric. I feel quite chuffed as I dont consider myself a quilter really. I was hoping to get some other things progressing today but oh well I need a nice break now a drink and maybe some retail therapy


Saturday, May 14, 2011

What a {Sherbert} Pip of a Day

Cutting, Sewing

ShufflingLots of construction going on today (some blog reading after blogger had its little hiccough)

Need to get on that treadmill, have some fun shopping to do after my birthday and looking forward to Doctor Who on the Tv tonight. Apparently all is good at the kids camp (I will blog some more about this later). Hope to have some more progress to show on this soon. Sorry it has been quiet on here but hoping to get crafty in full swing again.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tigers and Bears Oh My

Craft at school today - once again I am exhausted but I bought home this Tiger with me for tea. I wonder what is on the menu hopefully not me!!
Now I am itching to get stitching on this gorgeous layer cake which arrived here 2 weeks ago. Sherbet Pips- I have what looks like an easy pattern in mind and I am hoping this weekend to make some big process. I f only the weekend would arrive (a couple of working days to go!!). I just hope it warms up the teensiest bit because it is soooooo cold and wet here today I just want to go to bed and sleep - perhaps I am part bear Oh my!

What does everybody else do to stay motivated and warm. I am thinking if I could motivate myself to sew on some binding, the handstitching would keep me warm.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lots Happening

This is the lovely picture I had painted for me as my Mother's Day present from Miss B. It came along with a little pair of socks wrapped up like a cupcake. A new coffee mug and a big chocolate chip cookie. It was a lovely day lunch cooked by my brother at the restaurant he works at, breakfast in bed with the whole family. Our household is madly in preparation for our school's annual Shed Men Go Bush Camp. This is a weekend where the dad's take the children on a rough it camp and they do lots of fun activities. It is run and organised by our Shed Men Dads. Who get together once a month for a meat only BBQ night. I am looking forward to a big weekend of crafting and Doctor Who and blissful peace and quiet. I hope to have some good blog posts coming soon


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Science Experiments

Hey its Mother's Day so what do you do - help the kiddo who desperately wants his Bronze Boomerang. So a quick explanation - In cubs you can achieve a Bronze Boomerang by doing 10 small blocks of activiteis 7 compulsory and 3 of your choice. Sir Tp lovess badges and he wants lots of them - he got his Joey Scout Challenge which was the big hard badge to get at Joeys -he is wearing it on his Cub uniform but if he gets his Bronze Boomerang then he has to take off the Joey one and work towards getting a complete set Bronze, Silver, Gold Boomerang and the fourth one is the highest award in Cub Scouts The Grey Wolf award. If you get this one you get your name on a fancy wooden plaque at the Hall -there are only 2 cubs names on it ever -Sir TP wants his name there. So today we did science experiments. Here are our seeds on cotton wool and observation book, we have also managed to show how to remove Oxygen from air and prove it exists!! We will be drawing what happens to our seed every day (hope they grow!!) Leave a comment if you need me to prove the oxygen thing


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Running - HELPP

Just ran first day on my treadmill - 2.7 km in 20 minutes - someone call a paramedic I wish they'd stop playing the drums in my head. I can't even type straight - first draft was hilarious

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scrapbook Surprise or When Bloggers Block takes you by Surprise

I got trapped at school this morning making turtles with New New receptions , Receptions and Year Ones. Hard Work let me tell you it was a lot of cutting out. When I finally got home I couldn't get in the driveway because there was a delivery fan, dropping off this huge parcel. But I wasn't expecting anything mmmm. Inside a huge Pizza box and a pink fluffy parcel - How cool.

Inside a massive array of Scrapbooking surprises. I have only had a quick look and can't wait to spend some time organising fondling and dreaming.

And why did I get this lovely package. Well way back in January during the flood auctions, I put a bid on a similar package, and with going on holiday etc, I made a donation and told the organiser it was done before bidding was finalised knowing I might not win but we wanted to make a donation and it was better for us to do it before we went away. The organiser of the auction decided to send me a parcel anyway which was soooo kind. Now life gets busy for mummy bloggers and business owners, and I never saw that package so I thought it might have taken a walk off my verandah or at the post office and I certainly was not going to hound the auction organiser who didnt need to feel guilty about me not receiving it (I just hoped she wouldnt think I was rude for not blogging about it!!)

Anyway this is my package so huge and I cannot express my thanks enough to the lovely Tamar from Tarisota and A Collection of Thoughts here For this wonderful package. It will take me quite some time to unpack it and does mean I really need some help to organise my craft supplies they are taking over the house aagh.

It also gave me something to Blog about as I suddenly found myself speechless for the second day in a row.


Monday, May 2, 2011

A May finish and a Good start to Christmas

Two cheerful Santa's from Natalie Ross' Christmas Book- Get Red Red Ready for Christmas (and I am !) - I have made these as gifts for the Children and I have been determined that they would be finished somewhat sooner then previous years. It has become a little tradition to open a present from Mummy on Christmas Eve -these presents are handmade by Mummy and usually the stitching is still wet and the wrapping paper uncreased. Not this year !! The winds are changing in the house of Lavender Green and the gifts are finished and just need to be hidden. Please don't spoil the surprise.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting to Know You - Blythe to Blythe

Gwen and Angel had a little tea Party out on the lawn. Angel got out her china and the girls chatted about their hobbies. Angel showed Gwen her sketchbook and her dog, Gwen showed off her new halter neck and skirt.

The girls enjoyed a shady spot and took in one of the last fine days of Autumn.