Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snippets of Saturday

Today has been one of those really rare days during the term where we have kind of just mooched around. Sir TP having just earned his weather badge was keen to do some work on his next badges. So after flicking through his cub book he decided he wanted DH to help him with his Engineering badge and me to help with His cooking badge. As he is a little prone to being unmotivated we have encouraged this sudden spurt of enthusiasm. DH is out with him now at the hobby shop looking for a propeller. And Sir TP with some help from me has prepared some cookie dough to bake when he gets home. He picked the recipe, found and measured all the ingredients, stirred and here are his three balls of dough just before they hit the fridge to rest.

Whilst I was supervising Miss B and I have been working on party favours for the ALice Birthday extravaganza. Sculpey is not our friend - it is so hard to work with but here are our glazed hearts drying. I am sure that today being a hot yucky stormy sort of day is not the best for glazing but hopefully our roaring air conditioner and darkened room will counter balance the heat.

Next job is the araldite for some gemstones and pin backs - lets hope they work

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blessed Etsy Find

Last month I bought this Scrabble Pendant from here as a reminder to me of how blessed my family and I are. It is hard to remember sometimes this simple fact. What a year this year has been for reminders with floods, cyclones and earthquakes all around us I think my pendant is almost obsolete -maybe we should buy them by the carton and send them to everyone and share the reminder that even in our darkest hours we are loved and cared for - we are blessed.

Blythe Doll Bargain

Oh my I just found a Blythe doll for $19.99 US and free shipping here- I cant believe it is true. I am waiting for an email to say it is a mistake. Of course it isn't the most coveted one of the moment but it has long been a favourite in our household since we started looking. Hope it wasn't a mistake
EDITED TO SAY - :( got the email today - they wont honour the price as they made a mistake I am devastated I thought I had such a bargain - back to the drawing board

A happy sweet mail day

Look what arrived in the mail today - some flower sugar goodness yum yum. I have sucha sweet tooth, I am seeing so many yummy things made out of this. Teachers gifts, skirts -hexagons no firm plans yet. I just need to hope some time arrives soon. I am off to do some crochet (I like saying that it sounds posh) and I really need to organise a haircut too for me and Sir TP (who I soon may have to rename Little Miss TP). So many little jobs - I have finished my book which was fascinating - Now I have to wait for the last one in the series and maybe a movie night. Must go washing machine is calling me. I will try to post a crafty photo later

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cold day, slow cooker and crochet -Is this summer?

It has been so cold today here that I was pleased that our schedule demanded a slow cooked casserole Chicken, Bacon and Potatoe tonight and it smelt delicious while I was reading my book and napping. Today was one of those days when you feel washed out after a busy stretch so I have found it hard to settle to task - so I tried something new. I have been trying and trying to teach myself to crochet. I want to make cute little flowers and granny squares and such. So I bought a book (the internet wasn't helping me) a bigger hook and some fat wool (I am hoping for some instant success) and I have resorted to mastering the stitches on something flat. So what do you make when you are learning -you guessed it a scarf. Well we shall see I might get bored before then. here is my start - I dont feel like I have any rhythm so I might have to go back to you tube but it might be like knitting where I am just a little unco but it works. I will keep you posted but if I were to place a bet - the book will be finished first.Cheers

Curiooser and Curiouser

I have gradualkly started planning Little Miss B's 6th Birthday so I will be starting to show you bits and pieces as they are ready. We have made up this poster for Pin the Grin on the Cheshire cat - obviously he has left his grin behind somewhere - I wonder where it will pop up.



After a very busy 6 days - today will be my relax day - I have the Girl who played with Fire on my lap a hot chocolatate a leftover macaroon from my meringue excess and a blanket (I am so cold -it is time to bind my quilt!). Hope you are not too jealous


Sunday, February 20, 2011


Not only was I in charge of present buying for the birthdays , but I was put in charge of cake making for our shared picnic lunch - my least favourite acticity as I really am not a great cook. As one of my new years resolutions was that I was going to be a little more adventurous with cooking(only problem so far is the kids are not being more adventurous with their eating). So I cracked open my Womens Weekly Cupcakes, Cheesecakes and Cookies compendium (a gift from last Christmas) and flicked through. I made Lemon Meringue cupcakes for the adults (most of the cousins have egg allergies). And as requested by Sir TP for his favourite cousin a chocolate chip Puffle cake.

Hope they taste good I seem to have a lot of dishes!!

Etsy Love

Sorry - I am no hand model and it is very hard to take photos of your own wrist - but I have just been on an Etsy rampage and this has recently arrived in the post. The best thing about buying off Etsy is getting it in the mail it is a little like Christmas. I bought this covered button bracelet from here.
It even came with some little hairclips as a freebie which is another nice thing about Etsy shopping. I will be sharing some more of my favourite spots on Etsy coming up. So look out

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Card Making by Sir TP

It was my nephews birthday this weekend (yes it is silly season 6 family birthdays thus far since Christmas ouch). As I am getting tighter in my old age I feel less inclined to give my money to Hallmark. So I put Sir TP in charge of card making as he is the same age and adores his cousin completely. We decided that as the boys both love Club Penguin so much a Puffle card was the order of the day. So while I was catching up on some emails and party planning all by himself he came up with this. He wrote in it and added some extra puffle drawings inside. I think it looks quite cute.


Birthday Bags

It is my sisters birthday this weekend. I was charged with the family present buying and as such the gift wrapping. Her request was for an evening bag as she is going on a cruise in April. I was looking for a nice box to giftwrap it - none available so next option a nice bag and I found this. An evening bag gift bag Ha ha and inside another evening bag. Any way the kids and I found this amusing and we thought we would share.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Little Hexies

I have started trying to tidy up a little post holidays. Before Christmas I was sick, behind schedukle and had Christmas here at home. So the formal rooms got purged, the family room got purged and everything landed in here my already bulging study/craft room /guest room. It is always pretty much full so it wasn't improved and really apart from blogging and pinning and emailing there is now no room to move in here. Last week I cleaned out the time capsule (or pantry) Thursday night I cleaned out 2 project bags (last bits of thread and fabric from projects and tools I had forgotten I owned). Under them I found this little bag of Hexie flowers and hexies. I started making these in a quiet period way back out of scraps from Little Miss B's dresses I make . They look so sweet - I must add some more - I would love to give her a little quilt and photo album with all her little creations and fabrics as a memory one day - or maybe I should just aim for a pillow

Sunday Cooking

While the boys were out riding their bikes, Miss B and I thought we would stretch our legs in the kitchen (a promise i made myself to cook more). Cinnamon scrolls are always so nice from the oven so B and I measured and stirred, kneaded and rolled and produced a mummy and baby roll to cut up for scrolls. B proudly announced she wanted to share them with Sir TP who arrived home just in time.Tilt your head and see 1/2 her finished product 2 little mini scrolls (2 with her brother) and a cute little floury face. Fun had by all and so tasty. Thank goodness for our lovely mild summer
Cheers for now

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blue Heaven

Finally I have sewn this together - I kind of put it off because I didn't understand the instructions but it was very easy once I started and I love it. It looks so cool and summery so hopefully it will get worn from now on to parties and church and I will leave extra on the hem for next year. I thought the halter neck made it a little more grown up for Little Miss B who is so tiny she still only looks 4 not nearly 6 sigh I wonder how much longer I will be smocking? Tomorrow I will add just a couple of the sweetest little lace florets (my friend gave me some little vintage ones)

It's Tumbling time

Dont know if anybody else has this toy but gee it is tops. This was one of Miss B's early presents when we had nearly everything that stacked or sorted or sang. I couldnt ever part with this bloke though who still makes all of us laugh. It has had a little down time in our house but today the kids were adamant I should change the batteries and fire her up. So after we spent some time on our journals (i bribed them) here he is Tumble Time Tigger tumblin round the lounge room.Miss B was so inspired she had a go too - she has worked really hard trying to learn to do this and I think she is getting quite good. I will post again a little later with a sewing picture it has been so long!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yay I can Pin

Thanks for the kind offer for an invite - but I have finallybeen invited to Pinterest and can Pin hooray. I havent had a lot of timt to do it as yet but I think it will be a much easier way of cataloguing things I like -my favourites list is very long with picture links so hopefully I can delete some now.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Holiday Snapshots

This post is in no particular order sorry - Sir TP was popular with the birds at O'Reillys in the Tamborine Mountains. We hardly got out the car and they were sitting on his head - who needs to pay to feed them. Miss B was less fond of them after they stole her lunch last time we went to Queensland an Ibis stole her lunch at Seaworld so it is a bit of a family tradition now.
Miss B loved all the little rides in Movie World and her and Sir TP took advantage of no queues and not having to pay and went on 5 or 6 times.

To cater for hubbys needs we went to see Natural Arch - it was too light to see the Glow worm colony but the bats sure put on a show and as usual we all oohed and aahed at how green the world is away from home. On the way home we stopped for an ice cream and we saw dinosaurs in the valley (they weren't real ) an added bonus.

And it is hard to be sure but I was in the 2nd row of seats on the left of this the Superman ride. I had raved som much about this that DH had a go too. My first time on it last trip I dropped a nasty swear word and held hands with the stranger next to me. DH commented that 'that was rather good' when he got off - that is big praise from him .
Just a little snapshot

Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to School

Here are my rascals all ready for their first day of school. Sir TP's tie has got another notch shorter but hopefully will last him out the year. Little Miss B still looks comfortable in her modified Sixe 2 dress when will she ever grow. Not even a kiss goodbye this morning in all the chaos as we off loaded all the books sigh they are so grown up now.

End Of the Holidays - Hip Hip Hooray

Here is a little toast to the end os School holidays - boy they were a bit of a marathon but it is nice to spend time with the munchkins and avoid the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Here are the Munchkins at our BBQ table at Turtle Beach Resort after a hard day in the Pool. Angel is just behind Miss B's cup
But back in the real world today was the day the holiday ended. The books are all contacted - when will I learn to buy those plastic covers (this pile is just Little Miss B's) 39 in total can you believe it!!
Bags and lunches packed and off they went. Dinner is in the oven ready for after school madness - Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne and I think I will whip up a dessert to celebrate. I have been to the chiropractor and the gym done a cook up - hopefully a little housework and maybe some sewing fingers crossed. But the time is flying so must go.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

We Are Back

Sorry for the quiet spell but we have been away and are now back. Amazingly we have been enjoying the perfect weather and swimming on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We would like to tell everyone how beautiful it is up there despite all the natural disasters occuring up the road- and encourage everyone to take a break up there and put some money into the economy which hopefully will roll back around to help flood and cyclone victims in the long run. I will share some pictures and stories tomorrow but for now we need food and to get ready for school tomorrow