Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hurray for me

How pleased am I one more project for January. Phoebe in pink completed for the Divine Miss B. I now have a request from Sir TP for one too and I wouldnt want to deny him. I hope I get extra credits too for completing her in 43 degree heatwave that we are having in Adelaide. Only have the handsewing left to do on my stitchery also so feel very proud. Now I have to get started on Kindergym Giraffe (I promised would do this after I had covered all of Sir TP's books 10 books for year 1!!!) It never ends>

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

February Projects

It was 43.5 degrees yesterday in Adelaide and about the same today. The old air conditioner is struggling on but I cant bear the thought of a light on or the light from my machine heating up the house. I had thought I might surprise myself and get one more project finished this month - I am very close to finishing a softie for my daughter and a Christmas Stitchery I found free on May Britts site. But I feel this heat will defeat me so I will post my unfinished projects for February up just in case my next sacrifice is turning off my beloved computer.

This is a smocked fairy ready to be sewn into a tooth fairy pillow for TP(Master 6) fortunately for me we are genetically slow at losing teeth.

This is a Christmas stocking for TP, just tilt your monitor and you will see it.

And this is the fabric I am using to make Phoebe by Melly and Me ( I am still hoping to finish this by the end of January).

February Projects

Monday, January 19, 2009

January Projects

Phew, I am so pleased to tick off that I have finished the playgroup library bags. When I do something like this I love to see them all piled up finished it feels like such an accomplishment. I am also pleased to say that my two little pictures are framed and up on the wall one is our family coat of arms and the other is my DH Head CHorister medal from when he was 13. It is making a nice little family history putting together these little treasures where they can be seen. But the real project for this month my Kissing ball well after a trip to get more fluff and the extra bits it too is finally finished yay. here it is hanging on my sewing table (please don't look too closely at the mess).

I must say how annoying it is now with no plastic bags here in SA when you go to Spotlight to buy a bag of fluff and leave with cottons, beads several fabrics for the growing stash etc and I have misplaced my handbag shopping bag (already)!! So I think a bigger handbag might just be on my list - An Amy Butler one takes my fancy.

I am really enjoying my blog - and so pleased to see I have a follower -Thankyou, Thankyou. It is nice to feel like I have friends. The week passed in blog land I have signed up for the one project a month, signed up for the Easter swap and I posted a comment on the new Reindeer pattern from Melly and me which is O so gorgeous. I will definitely be adding it to my list. I have also completed block 1 of the Gail Pan Christmas BOM I am so proud of my start to the year. All of this work has even startd to make my Blog look a little more homey. i cant wait to find out my swap partner for the Easter Swap I hope I dont get too attached to my Swap project - it can be so hard to give things away.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Distraction

Just when you get your thoughts organised look what happens. My Christmas photos arrived in the mail today and how excited was I to see how good the kids new Santa Sacks looked in print so Ithought I would share. I used the pattern from Homespun no 62 vol9.7 I think I will make everything from this mag. I changed the colourway to suit my son and daughters tastes so introducing to you the divine Miss B and Sir TP sans sack. Sorry the photos are so tiny I havent downloaded to my computer properly yet. But you can get the idea. Sir TP loves greens and Miss B pink and purple. and on Christmas day they loved the pockets hiding little gifts. This was my first patchwork project - not suitable for sale but beautiful just the same

January Project

As promised I am back to put up my goals for what is left of January. I have been truly inspired by several blogs out there for new projects but I really need to finish some old ones first. These projects arent very inspiring for any body who comes to read my blog but my skills sometimes have to be practical as well as fancy so. This month I have to finish 20 library bags I promised my church playgroup I would make so they can loan out little Jesus books to the children.

Here they are piled on my dining room table - they all need to be pressed and have the handles sewn on.

Finish the next two frames of interesting things for my Interesting Things Wall - DH has alredy put up the nails for them -he is overtaking me with his jobs!

And complete the kissing ball I started making on December 21st so I can put it away with the other decorations for next year. The pattern for the Kissing ball is from Homespun magazine and I stopped because I ran out of stuffing. I figure that should keep me busy for the next few days and especially with it being so hot here (It will be 41 degrees today) I wont feel much like sewing.I have been very taken with a couple of free BOM on blogs and swap projects but not feeling very brave as yet - I never realised how much craft had infiltrated the net until now and all these beautiful projects I could get involved in. I hope someone finds my blog to give me some help!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to the world little one (the www)

I would like to advise everybody out there that at 5.27pm on Wednesday the 7th of January 2009 my first Blog was welcomed into the world. A little on the light side I am hoping that with regular nurturing it will grow to be a thriving little place to share my dream come true - that I am finally fashionable. That's right after 30 something years on this planet I now fit into the fashionable category of crafty mum and DIY - hooray.

So as I learn to blog as a new sub craft I hope to share with all the other suddenly fashionable ladies out there my experiences as I experiment with as many different craft mediums as I can. Some I am good at some bad but trying is what really counts to me.

So my dreams for this little baby blog - share my triumphs and trials as my New Year resolution unfolds - that is as I finish off my UFO's try something new and lose weight (that one always manages to slip in).

So come back next week and I will have some photos of my first UFO that I will be finishing and my first something new started!! And a progress report visit me often to keep me inspired