Monday, August 31, 2009

A finish for August - Yay

I am posting this finish for August Miss B's smocked dress I took this photo yesterday and stayed up late last night to finish the topstitchng on the collar. I am quite pleased how this has turned out as it gave me a scare when I first put on the piping (it looked very bright). But with the embroidery all finished I am quie pleased. It is the first time I have put a sash on the back for Miss B and I love the way it pulls it in for the waist (she is so tiny). At least now there is something for people to look at on my blog. I need to get clicking with the camera I have been very lazy of late. Prayers go out to my blogging friend Dawn today who is having a scary time with her Dads health - Best wishes to any other bloggy friends reading today. Create Beauty Nicky


  1. Hi there thanks for your prayers and support.That dress is Amazing... well done to you! WOW!

  2. GReat have inspired me!

  3. Wow, I can't believe it, what a lovely dress. You should be very proud of yourself indeed! And yes, it is nice to see new things on your blog!
    Your secret angel.