Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sir TP Turned 7

It is not possible that I have a bouncing 7 year old baby but it is true this is him and his cousin celebrating with the tip truck cake as ordered. He had a great day but I sometimes feel like he never left the terrible 2's hmmm. Blog land is abuzz with the gumnut blog and all the beautiful giveaways as soon as I can remember how to I will post the button and hopefully get a chance to win a beautiful prize. My friend Dawn has the one I want the most I have wanted that Janelle Wind bag pattern since she showed it to me at Inspired Stitches. Good luck to all Adelaide bloggers it would be nice ot keep it local. PS my Secret stitching Angel has been teasing me with sneaky peek pictures of my gift.


  1. Love the cake and wow... 7 already... isn't it amazing how fast they grow up... all mine are still babies to me...LOL... hope you can join the giveaway!
    Hugs Dawn x x

  2. Fabulous cake ! I hope the young one had a great day .

  3. Congratulations for your big boy! Sounds like he had a good day. Are you in for more sneak peaks or will I keep the rest a complete secret?
    Your secret Angel