Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Update

Well I have posted a finish for December and it will be my only one - I dont like sewing in the festive season - it makes the house too messy. SO here is my Yo Yo Christmas tree using green scraps and the sparkles from my CHristmas in July parcel. The rest of December will be ensuring my December Daily doesnt become an UFO. Here is one of my favourite pages so far - please note I am not a scrapbooker.

I knew Dec 6 would be a busy day so I made it a fold out page and I am really happy how it has turned out.


  1. The tree is very nice! It takes a lot of yo yo's I think. Did you count them? I hided my sewing machine away until after Christmas I think, but can't resist some hand stitching meanwhile. At least those projects will get finished too!

  2. Love the Yo Yo tree - must remember that for next Christmas! I made a button tree which was lots of fun - but now I am smitten with your yo yo's.