Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have only just got around to downloading some photos off my camera and I have been determined my next post would show my darling Miss B's 4 th birthday. Of course now that I am ready blogger isn't playing the game. So this is divine Miss B's cake one toadstool house and fairy ring, and a picture of the beautiful fairy for a day.

This extra photo is of Sir TP's favourite teddy Squadfrey (squashy Godfrey) dressed for school. Sir TP proudly announced that his bear needed to be in uniform to go to school for teddy parade the night before the event so what is a mum to do but to perform a little miracle of love some scraps of felt later and ta da one uniformed bear ready for school.

As for normal wisping well - I have nearly finished Miss B's scrappy flannel quilt, I have nearly finished her knitted ballerina doll and I have started her winter dress ( which is now labelled urgently required we seemed to have turned off the air conditioner and switched on the heater). Easter was quiet and productive. I hope to put some photos up soon of these finished products - hopefully before I get distracted by Inspired Stitches on April 25th ( sshh its my birthday present as it is my birthday that weekend) cant wait to get the project packs.

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