Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inspired Stitches

What a lovely day. And a perfect birthday weekend. I spent Saturday stitching and making new friends and meeting other bloggers with familiar faces. I learnt needle turn embroidery from Janelle Wind, watched Punch needle displays by Rosalie Quinlan and started one of Leanne Beasleys beautiful butterfly doilys. I am all ready to construct my notebook holder but cant believe I didn't get a photo of it amongst my collection so thankyou to the host of bloggers who have posted their photos already enabling me to remember what it was supposed to look like. My one crafty girlfriend is so jealous she wants to come next time so we are both starting to save. I imagine this will be hard because we have so many new things we want to make after seeing all of Melly's spoilers. I need some supplies and I can see that poor Sarah from Quilt Fabric Delight is still recovering she did such a good job and I think she has reaped the rewards. I fear that she will have nothing to sell now for weeks. I need to attend to my house which has been sorely abandoned for three days whilst I have been stitching celebrating my birthday with family and stitching with my friend again. Who says life is no fun

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  1. Hi Nicky!
    I can't remember if I have already emailed you to say hi!?? LOL Nice to meet you at Inspired Stitches. Great to hear that you have kept on stitching the projects. I must say I've not gotten back to mine yet. On the WIP pile I have to say. Hope to see you round the blocks sometimes. Cheers, Gillian.