Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hi sorry I've been away I have madly been catching up on secret santa duties. I have also been reading lots and lots. I have just finished Soul Revolution by John Burke one of 5 books I have finished in an effort to find my spirituality (I think I left it here somewhere and the kids have thrown some stuff on top!!). To challenge myself I am taking his 60:60 challenge to try and think of God every hour and include him in my life especially in places where perhaps I have excluded him. AS part of this he recommends journals, running partners and a wrist watch which beeps hourly -hmm . Unfortunately I am 5 days into this challenge and my wristwatch is malfunctioning and beeping every 4 minutes. That is what happens when you are technically challenged I guess. I am going to persevere though. My church ran with this idea earlier this year and I didn't join in because I knew I would end up smashing my watch - however I am hoping God will provide the additional patience I will need. To get me through. Promise I will show some craft soon



  1. Maybe you have a God planned watch malfunction! What a good idea. I know it's so easy to spend the day just running around doing what needs to be done without giving God a thought until I've done it all MYSELF in my strength! Little do I know.... it's not in my strength ever!

  2. Sounds like an awesome idea, especially the beeping every hour!
    Hope you will persevere, it won't be God who will be keeping you from it, but someone else!