Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shoopping at Hetties

Please forgive the appalling photography - I am sure it didn't look like that on the screen, I have finally finished spending my Birthday gift voucher at Hetties Patch. I bough this sweet Japanese Ballerina and Eiffel tower print. And this Charm pack SunKissed from Sweetwater - they are getting better.
Look at these colours - I have always wanted to do a charm square skirt for Little B.

I also visited the new Country Bumpkin store which made me feel sad. I really don't like change much and I miss the old shop and the girls who knew me so much sighh I couldn't even get what I wanted which was mimi piping so I will have to make it myself (bigger sigh). If anyone knows where I can purchase I think it was Aussie Heirlooms brand ?? mini piping from please let me know it is hard to find and Country Bumpkin was the only place I used to buy it from.
Cheers for now- back to my machine

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  1. Oh My I was going to visit next week for piping thanks for sharing about it... I have found here on the net that sell it.
    will have to buy some from them now...