Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peter Pan Party Extravaganza

On the weekend my beautiful and clever friend hosted a Peter Pan Party which my children were fortunate enough to attend. The young hostess dressed as Wendy Sir TP donned a Peter Pan hat briefly and an assortment of lost boys , Mermaids and fairies gathered to celebrate. They played traditional pass the parcel and musical statues. Went on a Peter Pan treasure hunt where they made indian headdresses, flew with tinkerbell (and happy thoughts) received pirate treasure and fairy dust. They had treasure chests of tiny delights including yo yo biscuit clam shells so cute. The party bags were sea themed. Each guest took home a sea horse softy -oohhhh.
And an ocopus lollipop!!

And when we arrived this was the table -- aaaahhhh. So beautifully presented - I think my friend should do this as a business. What do you think.


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