Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday - New in My Hoop

Last weeks occupant of the hoop is out and she is destined for a very specific project coming soon. The new occupier of my hoop is another Inspired Stitches project - Ruby Cottage (in blue) I also have slightly different plans for this. It is coming along very quickly. I really want to do The Natalie Ross bag and purse from the Inspired Stitch weekend but I am waiting for a finishing kit - I have a bad feeling it may not happen.

Anything new in your hoop this Monday? let me know I'd love to see

Cheers Nicole

1 comment:

  1. Very cute projects!!! Lovely your wip!!!
    Well... I have a wip in my hoop that is progressing slowly is a pattern
    from Kathy Schmitz. The pattern is called In My Garden. I'm using Valdani Pearl Cotton #12 in a variegated blue.
    I haven't posted any recent pictures of my progress on it ... but thinking maybe soon!