Saturday, July 9, 2011

School Holidays Day One - Catching Up

I think we all feel a little like this today - fuzzy, cold and sleepy. Term 2 in South Australia has finished and we are pleased to have some holiday and chill out time. Little Miss B is sickly again - coughing and sleeping and watching The Fairies. We havent watched this DVD for 2 years but today we are on our 2nd viewing after an equivalent amount of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario (boy it does your head in listening to that stuff!). We have finished this term with swimming lessons at school which really put the nail in the coffin for the kids and me. Going daily to watch, the extra loads of washing , extra baths and hair washes (hubby away for work) and extra tired and grumpy children being juggled has meant today is just for breathing, drinking tea, reading blogs, and stroking projects that want to be finished.

Last Sunday beforethe swimming was my calm before the storm with my special day at Inspired Stitches. I broke the cardinal rule of blogging, I made sure my camera had the memory card in it and then left it on the bench in my mad rush to get out the door (Little B was crying she would miss me). Had the best day ever especially ending with Downton Abbey - I felt like a spoilt princess. Gwen (my Blythe Girl) and I met Janelle Wind and her lovely family of children and dolls. We stitched shared stories - Janelle had tips for clothes for the girls and even how to get extras for our family. I met Gail Pan who is also delightful, Natalie Ross who is a scream and Helen who is very helpful. I would do it all again tomorrow if money was no object - we should definitely have them all here in Adelaide more frequently (in fact we should have a facebook page to bring them back!!). So sorry about the cobwebs on my Blog - but I am back and hopefully can share some holiday adventures with you -

PS I feel the fuzzy photos are here to stay - I need a new digital snappy mine has a saggy eyelid :(

Cheers Nicole

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