Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Week - Dress ups

I am no longer going to apologise for my haphazard blogging it is just a July/August thing each year. Although it feels like the cold should encourage this sort of activity the gloominess of winter seems to always slow down my thought processes to an extent that I cannot do any additional thinking. So now that the sun has started shining in short bursts and just so I can feel like I have achieved something on a day that has been a little on the slovenly side here ar Sir TP and Little Miss B in their Book Week dressups - B is recycling her Alice costume from her birthday and TP is wearing dads vintage magic cape, Grans old glasses, Bethanys witches hat, the gum trees branch for a wand and an old school shirt with a hand drawn Hogwarts emblem - I felt pretty proud of my artistic endeavours which are sadly not visible in any photos. But what matters is Sir TP was pleased with my efforts. I am now going to add some extra posts for this week to show off some of the projects that have been distracting me the last 2 months.


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