Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back from a Spell

Sorry about the blog break - no good excuse I just find my routine gets a little messed up occasionally and then a month has passed before I have fixed it - have a bit to tell you. But to try and get back into blog shape thought I would post this gorgeous evening we have had. A month ago Miss B and I purchased jammies for our girls. It has been so cold we felt they needed something snuggly. Then I found some hats on sale so we had to have those too. Well the hats came quickly but the jammies only just arrived today!! I had almost given up hope. So here are our girls all in their jammies,sleep socks and hats ready for a sleepover in B's room (Angel has a little bedroom cube, bed and quilt and makes up a bed for Gwen to come and visit if B is particularly good). They are all tucked up and snoring now (although B has her hat off).

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