Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Costume Mum - Part 1

Okay I am a glutton for punishment but it is that time of the year when we are designing and making costumes for end of year concert - already. This year I decided to do Miss B's Junior 1 Jazz and Primary Ballet costumes. This is her Jazz costume - music is Walking on Sunshine and I was asked for an A-line dress with a summery feel and a flower. I also put a restriction that I want to keep the costume down to under $30 - as these littlies get all of 2 minutes on stage x2 and some mums have older children dancing or small siblings meaning mum is not working, either way we dont need to go over the top. I love this but the maths for the costing has given me a real headache as patterned lycra is soo sooo expensive and I have been very stingy with my purchase to keep the cost down - I just need to work out if I will just make all of them for the class to save money mmm do I have time (probably not) but I am still considering it. Stay tuned for Part 2


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