Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Last Week of Summer Holidays Part 2

Even though we stayed at Milang, we seemed to spend most of our time in and around Goolwa. We didn't have any plans (thats how hubby likes it). We just mooched around and did what happened - it is summer holidays after all. Darling hubby thought he would try his hand at 4WDing and go down towards the Murray Mouth. We had a few little exciting mounds before he lost his nerve as we were travelling alone.

This is hubby letting the air out his tyres before he decided to turn back -chicken but at least we didn't have to pay to be towed out. To calm our nerves we all stopped for an ice cream (well except me because I am being good sigh :( .

Then we thought we would check out the beach. There were lots of people looking for cockles or pipis which was something I had never done. After a couple of tries we found heaps of them it really is not hard. The children thought this was heaps fun and we lined them all up and had races to see whose cockle would dig away from us the fastest. Miss B wouldnt let them get away she kept a firm hold and was quite strict with her cockles. We decided we would come back better equipped the next day and catch some to eat and have a try as none of us had ever eaten cocklesThe wonders of our modern world meant I could google how to prepare and cook cockles so we trekked back to Goolwa beach the next day and this time we swam and collected cockles and dug holes and made castles. We boogie board with some half decent waves (unlike the other week) until mummy got a little nervous and Sir TP got a little confident. Little Miss B worked on her handstands and cartwheels and here are our two buckets of cockles for our teaUnfortunately by the time I cooked them the children wouldnt try more than one as they were too fond of them and their little sneaky digging tongues oh well Hubby and I had a nice appetiser/entree.


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