Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Last Week of Summer Holidays Part 1

Just to reduce the photo heavy post I will slowly update you on our adventures of the last week of our summer holidays. After everyone had recovered from their cycling efforts we packed up and headed off on a little coastal camping expedition. We struggled with Sooty our cat to get her into the cage . Loaded up our ute and trailer and headed off to the Milang lakeside Caravan Park.

(Look sideways at our very disgruntled cat)

The whole family helped to put up the tent, chairs table and kitchen we were quite late arriving so I busied myself with preparing some food and watching and taking photos. This might seem a little lazy to you but it is my little luxury that as I am a five star kind-a-girl (with a 1 star budget and a family who loooove camping) I get pampered in the work department.

(Our Holiday Home)

Then we set in for some relaxing holiday time together with minimal interruptions from work and electrical appliances. We did allow the kids to bring their DS' but only as it was going to be so hot we knew we would have to spend a bit of time just sitting and being and it does help to keep them amused. But we also have heaps of other stuff. Bikes which are always popular and we just love the freedom of the caravan park and ridingup and down and around with minimal supervision. On the really hot days (Monday and Tuesday were both 37 degrees) This is how we spent our mornings. After big sleep ins the Corellas woke us up with their screeching. We ate breakfast and then chased the shade while playing with Beyblades, Tech decks and Club Penguin cards . When I wasn't involved in the card playing I got to spend lots of time reading on my E-reader (gotta love that) When the afternoons came and our shade disappeared we headed off to look for adventures

But that is another story


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