Monday, February 23, 2009

Procrastinating - the art of creating WISP's (and a giveaway?)

At the start of the month I showed you the two WISP's I was going to finish. With 5 days to go I am stepping up the pace but feel I will not get my Christmas Stocking finished because I am procrastinating. A ture sign of not enjoying a project is when you realise you have tidied the house and cleaned it and still dont want to sit down and craft. I have also dabbled - defined as starting small projects which I know I can finish quickly as a distraction to the task of finishing the stocking. My other technique for getting out of my cross stitch has been visiting all the blogs of other one project a monthers - I started at A and have made it to G a big effort.Here are the results of dabbling yesterday - a Bluebird of Distraction....
And playing with my new yo yo maker. nI have never liked yo yo's but my tastes must be changing. I bought this Saturday and have had a play. I wish I had bought a bigger one (sometimes size does matter). But these are very cute (photo doesn't do them justice).

Now I need your help - I will do a surprise little giveaway to anyone who leaves me a comment to encourage me to finish my cross stitsh before Feb ends. I need lots of encouragement so please leave a comment.


  1. I know when you are not in the mood to stitch, it's hard to get going. I can only stitch at night, I have a routine (plus a good daylight lamp!) You'll finish it! even a bit at a time!

  2. Well, hope you have hade some time to stitch - My arms are no good so stitching is nothing for me. Anyway nice jo-jo' you made. Have a nice weekend