Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Finish

Yay, I have finished the Tooth Fairy cushion. This was purchased as a kit last January on special but still couldn't really afford it. I did the picture smocking in September last year and it has sat waiting patiently to be assembled until now. The pattern and kit were from Country Bumpkin - my all time favourite shop.
This photo shows the little piped pocket at the back for the money -can't wait to use it.
And as I suspected this little free stitchery also completed - these birds have won my heart.
I have only the Stocking to complete this month to make me happy in my progress -I am determined to rid myself of WISPs although frightened this may make me keel over!!
Unfortunately I have gotten distracted by a Kangaroo for Kindergym, A new library bag for Sir TP(his design - cant wait to show you this) some marble bags and My BOMs (Why do I get the feeling I will have more WISPs to show for this blog experience. The stocking has been in its craft bag in my craft space for 5 years. It was purchased as a kit and uses Anchor thread (which I dont have much joy with). It is mostly done some bits of backstitch and the odd stitch to finish and then construction -sounds so simple -Wish me luck.

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