Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Post

This little bundle of sugary floral sweetness arrived with a Leannes House bag pattern as my most recent Bagalicious Club installment - I just loved this fabric bundle - I may never make the bags out of it rather just fondle this fabric and make an iphone holder out of whats left after I have finished cuddling it. bags out of this seems wrong when I see dollies and dresses and so on. But Iam not etting much sewing done at the moment - I have les than a cm of Eclipse left to read (no mean feat) and I have realised that nothing will satisfy me until I have reached the end of this little saga. It is strangely compelling even though it is all a little odd. I wonder what it is? I am expecting more happy post in the next few weeks my insides are still a little fluttery from a giveaway I have just been notified of winning and I have been shopping. Camt wait to share with you all. PS I can hardly believe that despite a poor start to the year with my blogging my strong end here means I have nearly reached my 100 post. What a surprise!!!



  1. pretty fabrics.
    i only managed to read two of those books - before moving on to something else. i know how you feel about finishing a book though - there comes a point when nothing else matters but finding out what happens in the end and when it's finished it's almost like losing your friends :(

  2. I noticed you came back in blogland. Love to read how you are doing, even though I am quite busy myself now...