Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From my Garden

We have been enjoying big vases full of these for the last couple of weeks fresh from our garden - it is such a treat to have fresh flowers. Our garden has not grown the flowers I would have liked it too as a result of the drought in Australia but our wet winter and sunny spring has at least for the short time given us a marvellous flush of Iris'. Please forgive me a little whinge here but in my blog hopping I cant help but see that people already have their October Homespun -as i only received Septembers 2 weeks ago I guess I won't be seeing mine for two weeks. As a subscriber in the city I find it soo annoying that all my friends get their magazine before me (last month I rang to complain and was told to go and buy it as it probably wasnt coming so I did which means I bought 2 magazines!!) So I am thinking of cancelling my subscription - I probably have enough magazines and projects lined up now.

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  1. That's frustrating that you don't get yours until late. I never look to see when it comes out in the newsagent. Our mail ends up being so delayed anyways because of being in the middle of nowhere! I haven't got mine either. That's bad form that they said to go buy one. Do they not guarantee delivery?? They should have organised a replacement one. FAR OUT! Love your iris' - my absolutely favourite flower!