Friday, October 1, 2010

School Holiday Crafting

Miss B and I have been expanding on her skills from her Art Class earlier this week at Little Picassos. We have been doing some wax resist painting with craypas and water colour paints. Miss B has been using a learn to draw Princesses book we borrowed from the library to draw castles and we thought we would have a go at adding some colour. Unfortunately our water colours don't have purple - I will have to contact the manufacturer on this oversight so we have also been experimenting with mixing colours. She loves to sit at the table and craft with me and I love having her there too. Inspired by a show on ABC 3 with Mr Maker the kids htis morning made gooey splodge monsters and crayon mirror image pictures. It was great to have every one so busy although it did distract me from cleaning the house. A job that is always uninspiring. I have finally done a fabric box makeover in an effort to clean the study which is a disaster zone. Oh for a lovely clean creative space. But it always seems to be overflowing or oozing. I welcome any ideas on how to keep a crafters home clean and tidy I seem to have baskets of projects in various stages all over the house. I think I need a home makeover.

Cheers for now


  1. Sounds like a wonderful holiday!

  2. Good on you for doing some great crafty stuff together!! The art work is great!!