Monday, January 3, 2011

Where did Dec 2010 go?

Where did Dec 2010 go? As we patiently and prayerfully awaitedou Christmas day blogging fell to the way side again. I really need some tips to avoid this as I so loved reading every one elses celebration and so many of my favourite bloggers even blogged on Christmas day -Insane. This year my children lit their own advent candles on our homemade wreath and we sang to remind us to wait. For it is waiting that makes everything worth it.We did most of our usual Chriostmas traditions despite all of us being unwell. I have had a very debilitating fluleading up to CHristmas and I am still coughing and feeling lethargic. Sir TP had fortunately a very mild chicken pox in the week before Christmas and Little Miss B of course had a very mild chicken pox to bring in the New Year. This of course made our celebrations a little interesting but we persevered and did most of our usual things just a little slower.

This year the children did the tree nearly completely by themselves with all of the house getting decorated in record time. this was neccesary as all of our other pre Christmas activities were somewhat later then usual. Our scouts breakup was mid December and was roller skating. I dragged out my old skates and got out there with the kids

And early December saw what I would describe as one of the best Dancing concerts I have ever seen. Here is Miss B in her first proper Ballet costume We were proud of both the children but this costume was a definite favourite as it was also my fist time as first costume mummy and I think it all turned out very well. My spec from the teacher was that she wanted the children to look innocent and fresh. and I think on stage they looked perfect. I will show a little more dec and a resolutions blog very shortly. As I have just past my 100th post I am doing a little giveaway - If you follow me or comment on this blog post I will draw a little New Years Gift for you. I will post a picture of it on my next post later today but it will include some fat quarters and a pattern for my sewing friends. Sorry I have been away - we will call it sick leave. happy New Year from me.

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