Monday, February 14, 2011

Little Hexies

I have started trying to tidy up a little post holidays. Before Christmas I was sick, behind schedukle and had Christmas here at home. So the formal rooms got purged, the family room got purged and everything landed in here my already bulging study/craft room /guest room. It is always pretty much full so it wasn't improved and really apart from blogging and pinning and emailing there is now no room to move in here. Last week I cleaned out the time capsule (or pantry) Thursday night I cleaned out 2 project bags (last bits of thread and fabric from projects and tools I had forgotten I owned). Under them I found this little bag of Hexie flowers and hexies. I started making these in a quiet period way back out of scraps from Little Miss B's dresses I make . They look so sweet - I must add some more - I would love to give her a little quilt and photo album with all her little creations and fabrics as a memory one day - or maybe I should just aim for a pillow

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