Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Holiday Snapshots

This post is in no particular order sorry - Sir TP was popular with the birds at O'Reillys in the Tamborine Mountains. We hardly got out the car and they were sitting on his head - who needs to pay to feed them. Miss B was less fond of them after they stole her lunch last time we went to Queensland an Ibis stole her lunch at Seaworld so it is a bit of a family tradition now.
Miss B loved all the little rides in Movie World and her and Sir TP took advantage of no queues and not having to pay and went on 5 or 6 times.

To cater for hubbys needs we went to see Natural Arch - it was too light to see the Glow worm colony but the bats sure put on a show and as usual we all oohed and aahed at how green the world is away from home. On the way home we stopped for an ice cream and we saw dinosaurs in the valley (they weren't real ) an added bonus.

And it is hard to be sure but I was in the 2nd row of seats on the left of this the Superman ride. I had raved som much about this that DH had a go too. My first time on it last trip I dropped a nasty swear word and held hands with the stranger next to me. DH commented that 'that was rather good' when he got off - that is big praise from him .
Just a little snapshot

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