Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snippets of Saturday

Today has been one of those really rare days during the term where we have kind of just mooched around. Sir TP having just earned his weather badge was keen to do some work on his next badges. So after flicking through his cub book he decided he wanted DH to help him with his Engineering badge and me to help with His cooking badge. As he is a little prone to being unmotivated we have encouraged this sudden spurt of enthusiasm. DH is out with him now at the hobby shop looking for a propeller. And Sir TP with some help from me has prepared some cookie dough to bake when he gets home. He picked the recipe, found and measured all the ingredients, stirred and here are his three balls of dough just before they hit the fridge to rest.

Whilst I was supervising Miss B and I have been working on party favours for the ALice Birthday extravaganza. Sculpey is not our friend - it is so hard to work with but here are our glazed hearts drying. I am sure that today being a hot yucky stormy sort of day is not the best for glazing but hopefully our roaring air conditioner and darkened room will counter balance the heat.

Next job is the araldite for some gemstones and pin backs - lets hope they work

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