Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Costume Mum - Part 2

This costume is my favourite. This is for our ballet class. For the 2nd year in a row the teacher has veered away from her standard story ballet and she is doing a neo-classical Australia themed modern thing (don't ask me what that means). So each group has a theme the older girls are being the school girls from Picnic at Hanging Rock we have the hot australian sun the desert the sky and the younger girls are bush butterflies and dragonflies. Started off not knowing how to do this again on my $30 budget etc but also working with my very great dislike of putting little girls in black (They have the next 80 years to wear black). I also couldnt work out how to make the wings look as good from the front as the back and didnt want to tax my mostly non-sewing other mums. Anyway - 40 % off at Spotlight was my catalyst and this metamorphed out of my brain and with the help of darling hubby who suggested cutting out from behind the applique on the butterfly wings - brilliant and I call myself a sewer. B still needs some additional elastic in the centre of her wings and as first costume mum - she will probably get that done the night before the concert in December. Ths photo doesnt do justice to how sparkly the wings are but the best bit is this costume will cost about $12-15 Yay.

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