Friday, September 2, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Little B who sometimes shares my allocated blogging time is rather partial to 2 other young girls blogs. These two girls, Emily at CraftyGirl and Bella at Bella and Blythe are always very generous at giveaways and competitions and B loves to see the adventures they are having with their dolls. Recently B won a giveaway from Crafty Girl this is her receiving it - Emily made some mini replica magazines for B's Blythe Doll Angel. They were both pretty pleased to receive them. So a huge big thankyou to Emily for the beautifully decorated envelope and gift wrapping - it made B's day. Oh and also a thankyou from me too for making my dollya special miniature book too (although I still think I might be a little too old to be playing with dolls siigghhh -its not fair)


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