Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Ninth Birthday and Happy Father's Day

Continuing on my things to be grateful today is Sir TP's 9th birthday .Ican hardly believe we have come this far and made it. Digital cameras werent so common nine years ago -I think we borrowed one from work for this photo - this is what an 11 pound baby looks like all head and chubby as can be. Tp always loved babies and was fascinated by them - early maternal extincts here at kindergym aged 4.

And today well - ready to take on the world (this was our come as your favourite biblical character dress up day for school a few weeks back). Have a happy day little man and keep enjoying life - from mum

PS happy fathers day too darling (I still don't think you've recovered from the shock)

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  1. Little boys are getting big boys, congratulations!