Wednesday, January 28, 2009

February Projects

It was 43.5 degrees yesterday in Adelaide and about the same today. The old air conditioner is struggling on but I cant bear the thought of a light on or the light from my machine heating up the house. I had thought I might surprise myself and get one more project finished this month - I am very close to finishing a softie for my daughter and a Christmas Stitchery I found free on May Britts site. But I feel this heat will defeat me so I will post my unfinished projects for February up just in case my next sacrifice is turning off my beloved computer.

This is a smocked fairy ready to be sewn into a tooth fairy pillow for TP(Master 6) fortunately for me we are genetically slow at losing teeth.

This is a Christmas stocking for TP, just tilt your monitor and you will see it.

And this is the fabric I am using to make Phoebe by Melly and Me ( I am still hoping to finish this by the end of January).

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