Monday, January 19, 2009

January Projects

Phew, I am so pleased to tick off that I have finished the playgroup library bags. When I do something like this I love to see them all piled up finished it feels like such an accomplishment. I am also pleased to say that my two little pictures are framed and up on the wall one is our family coat of arms and the other is my DH Head CHorister medal from when he was 13. It is making a nice little family history putting together these little treasures where they can be seen. But the real project for this month my Kissing ball well after a trip to get more fluff and the extra bits it too is finally finished yay. here it is hanging on my sewing table (please don't look too closely at the mess).

I must say how annoying it is now with no plastic bags here in SA when you go to Spotlight to buy a bag of fluff and leave with cottons, beads several fabrics for the growing stash etc and I have misplaced my handbag shopping bag (already)!! So I think a bigger handbag might just be on my list - An Amy Butler one takes my fancy.

I am really enjoying my blog - and so pleased to see I have a follower -Thankyou, Thankyou. It is nice to feel like I have friends. The week passed in blog land I have signed up for the one project a month, signed up for the Easter swap and I posted a comment on the new Reindeer pattern from Melly and me which is O so gorgeous. I will definitely be adding it to my list. I have also completed block 1 of the Gail Pan Christmas BOM I am so proud of my start to the year. All of this work has even startd to make my Blog look a little more homey. i cant wait to find out my swap partner for the Easter Swap I hope I dont get too attached to my Swap project - it can be so hard to give things away.

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