Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Project

As promised I am back to put up my goals for what is left of January. I have been truly inspired by several blogs out there for new projects but I really need to finish some old ones first. These projects arent very inspiring for any body who comes to read my blog but my skills sometimes have to be practical as well as fancy so. This month I have to finish 20 library bags I promised my church playgroup I would make so they can loan out little Jesus books to the children.

Here they are piled on my dining room table - they all need to be pressed and have the handles sewn on.

Finish the next two frames of interesting things for my Interesting Things Wall - DH has alredy put up the nails for them -he is overtaking me with his jobs!

And complete the kissing ball I started making on December 21st so I can put it away with the other decorations for next year. The pattern for the Kissing ball is from Homespun magazine and I stopped because I ran out of stuffing. I figure that should keep me busy for the next few days and especially with it being so hot here (It will be 41 degrees today) I wont feel much like sewing.I have been very taken with a couple of free BOM on blogs and swap projects but not feeling very brave as yet - I never realised how much craft had infiltrated the net until now and all these beautiful projects I could get involved in. I hope someone finds my blog to give me some help!!

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