Saturday, March 5, 2011

Missing February and a Week

Well i feel deeply ashamed that I have not blogged for a week but sometimes nothing really happens to share with you - thats how it rolls around here. I have been busy this week making this costume for Miss B - hems and buttons for this afternoon. I have been so busy thinking up ideas for her party - I suddenly realised that I havent got her a present yet. So I have been looking on Etsy and found some bits and pieces and deliberating over her desire to Have another Blythe doll. I have created a Monster after introducing her to the blogs CraftyGirl and Bella and Blythe. These two blogs are two of the most delightful young ladies I can imagine and combined with their mums blogs are my latest parenting tip guide. Anyway we have spent the week working on what we will wear at the party (we still have a way to go). This morning we have been working on some decorations - they are spending quality time in the shed with Dad now before being returned to me for what I imagine will be a lot of painting - sigh. I hope to get other stuff done to share with you and I will be back with some pictures of some goodies i have got in the mail during the week

Cheers and I will try not to neglect you this week

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  1. Lovely costume! I would love to see how it looks on miss B.