Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tigers and Bears Oh My

Craft at school today - once again I am exhausted but I bought home this Tiger with me for tea. I wonder what is on the menu hopefully not me!!
Now I am itching to get stitching on this gorgeous layer cake which arrived here 2 weeks ago. Sherbet Pips- I have what looks like an easy pattern in mind and I am hoping this weekend to make some big process. I f only the weekend would arrive (a couple of working days to go!!). I just hope it warms up the teensiest bit because it is soooooo cold and wet here today I just want to go to bed and sleep - perhaps I am part bear Oh my!

What does everybody else do to stay motivated and warm. I am thinking if I could motivate myself to sew on some binding, the handstitching would keep me warm.


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