Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Week

Last week I had great pleasure in taking a small group of year2 and 3 boys from our school on a tour of the Adelaide Central Markets and adjacent China Town - Best day ever. The children loved looking at all the interesting little things around them , they all took it in turns to find the objects for their worksheets.

We wandered through asian supermarkets and found all sorts of different biscuits and lollies and pots and pans.

We found unusual vegetables, fruits and cheeses and the most amazing looy and sweet shops. This was very popular as each child had $5 to spend and unfortunately my boys all were like well boys in a sweet shop. I hadn't been to the markets for years and I and Sir TP cant wait to go back. When I first went on maternity leave it was a goal of mine to go more regularly but with reduced income that went on the backburner - but we will try to bring it to the front now.


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