Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Science Experiments

Hey its Mother's Day so what do you do - help the kiddo who desperately wants his Bronze Boomerang. So a quick explanation - In cubs you can achieve a Bronze Boomerang by doing 10 small blocks of activiteis 7 compulsory and 3 of your choice. Sir Tp lovess badges and he wants lots of them - he got his Joey Scout Challenge which was the big hard badge to get at Joeys -he is wearing it on his Cub uniform but if he gets his Bronze Boomerang then he has to take off the Joey one and work towards getting a complete set Bronze, Silver, Gold Boomerang and the fourth one is the highest award in Cub Scouts The Grey Wolf award. If you get this one you get your name on a fancy wooden plaque at the Hall -there are only 2 cubs names on it ever -Sir TP wants his name there. So today we did science experiments. Here are our seeds on cotton wool and observation book, we have also managed to show how to remove Oxygen from air and prove it exists!! We will be drawing what happens to our seed every day (hope they grow!!) Leave a comment if you need me to prove the oxygen thing


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